October Students of the Month

Thomas Jefferson Middle School - 1105 Althauser - Dubuque

Student of the Month Criteria:


  • Does the student prepare for classroom activities?
  • Does the student go above and beyond his/her role as a student?
  • Has the student made significant progress in your classroom?
  • Has the student been working to their potential?
  • Does the student have all work turned in?


  • Is the student a positive role model?
  • Does the student actively participate and put forth full effort?
  • Does the student demonstrate respect to the student body, staff, and faculty?
  • Does the student exhibit good character?
  • Does the student follow school rules?
  • Does the student arrive to school and to class on time?


Thank you!

These students will be treated to a lunch at Catfish Charlie’s in November. Thank you to Charlie Cretsinger for his generous donation to this cause.