Sweet Sugar Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 4 AM


Pipe cleaners, tape, wooden sticks, rocks, marshmallows, cereal box, sugar cubes, and marbles.

Our Justifications

Our group used the tape to make the bridge more sturdy and stick together and less fragile.  The marshmallows were used to keep the car from falling off the bridge, because they are squishy and the car would just bounce back.  They were also used to stick materials together.  The tape helped keep things from falling apart.  The box was used to make a ramp because it is smooth and flat so the car can drive on it easily.  We chose the sticks because it made our bridge look more like the real bridges we have seen. 

Next Time We Would...

Put something under the ramp to support it better so that it wouldn’t fall down as the car drives over it. 

Members in Our Group

Tyler, Eliana, Alyssa, Sydney