A Weekend in Seattle

Family Vacation Series

Family Day "Week-End" Plan

For the weekend of "Family Day," I've put together a vacation plan (that we're probably not going to go on), but it's inspired through some experiences. I chose to fly out from Canada to Washington because I've been there once - for a brief visit - and thought it would seem ideal to fly out back there for another visit: a weekend with my family!

Inspiration for Trip to "Seattle"

Why Seattle? The inspiration for choosing "Seattle," was after a road trip I had years ago. Our family went on a cross-country drive through the US, and we briefly stopped at Seattle. Unfortunately, our visit was quite brief - we got some "sight-seeing" done: not enough for us to be satisfied, but just enough that we've always wanted to come back for a visit.

Seattle Marriot Waterfront

Throughout our vacation, we're going to be booking two rooms at the "Seattle Marriot Waterfront". Our stay is going to be from the night of Friday, February 14th, until the night of Monday, February 17th. A total of four nights, and three days - we'll be checking out on Monday night. Our reservation will include access to various water activities and amenities, a shopping center, along with limo services.

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In order to get to our "family vacation spot" in the first place, we'll be boarding an Air Canada plane (both ways) to the 'Tacoma International Airport'. To get around otherwise, we'll be renting out our own car for the duration of the trip, or alternatively: using a taxi.

Seattle's Space Needle

The first day of our vacation is going to be spent at the Space Needle in Seattle, where I'll get to go sightseeing with my siblings and parents. It's likely that we aren't going to spend the entire day at the Space Needle, just a portion of it during the afternoon. We'll be having lunch in the same complex as well. The rest of the day we are going to be hanging around at the "Westlake Center" (shopping mall) close to the Space Needle. Afterwards, we'll take our rented car back to our hotel where we will be served dinner. The transportation between the locations would also be by the car we rented.

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The Seattle Aquarium

The thrill of the second day of our vacation starts off at the "Seattle Aquarium" that's located conveniently close to our hotel. In the aquarium, we'll find many engaging sights that my family and I can enjoy together. The first half of the day we will spend in this aquarium. The second half of the day, we're going to use some of the resources at our hotel for entertainment. My family personally loves to swim, so we're going to spend a few hours "lounging around" with some of the recreational activities that our hotel provides - including the pool.

"Experience Music Project" Museum

For the last day of our family vacation, we are going to visit the "Experience Music Project" Museum. It's got exhibits for the entire family, and that's going to be great experience for all of us. My brother and I are Doctor Who fans (quite big ones, at that) so we'll have a lot of fun visiting that section (the rest of my family are minor Doctor Who Fans), along with many other exhibits of our favourite TV Shows and composers. My sister is really into music too, and my parents share a genuine interest for "old TV shows", so the best part is that we will get to learn a bit of what we all like and 'get connected'. The time that we spare from this trip would be spent back at our hotel.

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This "flyer" is for the purpose of an assignment, not intended for an actual vacation.