Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

May 5, 2020

School Item Returns

There is still packet pick up this Friday, May 8th. But as we start to wind up the year in the next couple of weeks, we will need to collect items that were borrowed from the School District. On Friday, May 15th, we will collecting items at the school during the normal packet pick up time. If your child has a packet to pick up at that time, we will give it to you during this time as well. Your student's teacher will be in touch with each family about what items will need to be returned. We will return items by grade level and staff will be there to assist in accepting items and getting them checked back in. Any borrowed Chromebooks will have their own section. We will have an inventory sheet to account for everything, so please be patient as this will take a few minutes. These items will need to sit untouched for at least 72 hours before we can distribute them back to the classrooms they belong in to be cleaned and put them away for use next year. Because of the need to leave them untouched, we appreciate you making efforts to return them on May 15th. If you are absolutely unable to bring the items back at the designated time on Friday, May 15th, please be in contact with your child's teacher for a different time.

Lost and Found Items

We still have several items in our lost and found, that have been there since before Spring Break. So, next Friday, May 15th, during item collection time, we will have an area with lost and found items. We will also have bags for you to put your items in if you find anything that belongs to your child, to help limit the spread of COVID. Anything left at the end of the year will be donated.

Bus Stop Shelter Available

The school has been contacted by Ted Ashcraft who has a School Bus Stop shelter he would like to donate. He would like to be contacted directly, so if you are interested in having this shelter at your child's bus stop, please call Mr. Ashcraft at 229-0453. He said he can read texts but does not text back. You may also email him at TED_ASHCRAFT@YAHOO.COM but his response is longer with email, sometimes several days.

Please be sure you are able to fit the shelter where you want it to be and have a way to get it there before contacting him. The information for the shelter is as follows:

Building dimensions are 80 inches long and 50 inches wide and is currently on supports.

It will likely take 3 or 4 men to move on to a trailer.

He has a trailer available to use but no truck to move it with. Building is located in the South Cohoe Loop area. It is wired for power inside and has outside lighting. The wiring can be removed or left intact for reconnecting.

Yearbook update

We were just informed by Lifetouch, the company publishing our yearbook this year, that due to COVID-19 lab closures, our yearbook will not make it to school before the end of this school year. While some of their labs have reopened, they are on limited staff due to social distancing, delaying processing for books. Therefore, we will be distributing yearbooks in the fall. Any students who have moved on to different school, including 6th graders, will have yearbooks forwarded to them at their new school or mailed home. We are disappointed that we cannot provide these momentos before school is out for summer, but we are understanding during this unconventional times. Thank you for also understanding. We will have extras if you forgot to order yours, please contact Mrs. Anthony at TAnthony@kpbsd.k12.ak.us to reserve your copy.

Upcoming Events


Friday the 8th - Drive up distance delivery for materials - Please don't get out of your vehicle, just drive up in line at your appointed time and materials will be given to you through the window. We must maintain 6 feet distance between everyone.

Pick-Up Schedule by student LAST NAME:

10:00-10:30 Last name ending in A-D

10:30-11:00 Last name ending in E-I

11:00-11:30 Last name ending in J-M

11:30-12:00 Last name ending in N-Z

If you miss your appointed time, you can come by during any pick-up time after, until 1pm when meal distribution ends. If you miss the whole pick-up schedule, call me 907-260-1345 and I will make an appointment for you. If you come to pick up materials outside of pick up times, do not enter the school - ring bell and someone will bring your packet to you.

15th - School item return day and distance delivery for materials

20th - Last Day of School (Distance Delivery Ends)

All at-school/after school activities cancelled.