Khan Academy

Personalized Skill Building for all students!

You Khan Do It!

Khan Academy provides 10 daily questions to use for quick, individualized, targeted practice with video lessons.

Content-based questions are sent via the App or via email to keep students engaged and focused.

Why LISD Uses Khan Academy

With regular use of Khan Academy through Clever, both teachers and students can monitor progress towards building academic readiness. Activities are individualized and adaptive, with on-time support built in for learners.

Khan Academy has partnered with College Board to offer official SAT practice. However, this dynamic tool is about more than practicing for the SAT. Daily questions will build skills and confidence over time.

Because Better Takes Practice!

Better Takes Practice - Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy
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Anytime, Anywhere - For Free

Better Takes Practice - D'Andre

Get Instant Feedback

Students get constant feedback and progress monitoring so they know exactly where they stand.
Better Takes Practice - Diana

A Tailored Practice Plan

Khan Academy will import PSAT, SAT, and other College Board results to pinpoint areas for practice.
Sal Khan: SAT Score Improvement and Official SAT Practice