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Please note that all of the items are samples that have been gently used in trunk shows and/only worn by me. All items are sold AS IS and all sales are final and include shipping!* If you have any questions or wish to claim these samples, please e-mail me at Once an item is sold, I will delete it! If you've shopped my sample sale before, you know that these items will go fast!!! If I haven't received payment within 24 hours, I will be heading down the waitlist to the next person.

I appreciate everyone who has purchased over the past few years, and that continues to give me a reason to talk fashion and style! I know you'll give your items a good home, and I am always ready to chat by email, phone or text about anything you need to style...from a family photo shoot to date night. I can always suggest a great statement piece for the perfect LBD or a gala! And, of course I can be your 1 stop shop for all things giftable!!! #TheHolidaysAreComing

To see the current Fall Collection visit I'm always happy to help you place an order for any gifts or new items from our website!

Additionally... if you're in the Atlanta area and would like to BOOK A FALL POP-UP SHOP STYLISTS SESSION, set a date...and you'll get YOUR CHOICE for an extra 50% off!

*If you purchase multiple items, I will let you know if there is extra cost for shipping. $3 Shipping is included in each items price. This page will be updated as items are claimed.

SO...without further adieu, here are my samples

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