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January 2019

Letters of Intent- Please read as a reminder of the changes...

Meredith Falls sent out the forms on 1/4/19. Principals should send the forms out on Monday, January 7th, and forms should be completed by all certified staff members by Tuesday, January 15th. HR should have copies of all HR 44 forms from staff members NOT planning to return in 2019-20 by Thursday, January 17th as well as confirmation that all certified staff members in each school have completed the form.

Reminder...New HR Resignation Form

We have revised our resignation form to assist our office and others in gathering proper exit information. If someone would like to resign from Lexington One, all they need to do is complete this new HR44. It will help us gather more exit data and will serve as an action form for HR Internal use. If you have any questions, please let us know. As always, you can find it in our HR Forms section.

Budget Meetings in February

We will share our normal HR FTE form with you. This year we will have filled out your current FTE for you to try and assist you in the process. If you have a change that needs to be made, let us know. Otherwise, you will just have to edit if anything is incorrect and add your request to the bottom.

View the Budget Meeting Schedule here. Remember if your day/time doesn't work, just find someone to switch with and let me know.

Probationary Support Staff Evaluations

District policy and practice places new support staff employees in a probationary status. Before a probationary employee may move to a regular employment status, he/she must receive a “satisfactory” evaluation rating using the HR40b Support Staff Evaluation Form. Generally, these evaluations are done on or before the employee’s 90th work day. For the calendars most commonly used by support staff employees, the 90th work day falls between January 7 – 18, 2019. E-mail correspondence has been sent to building administrators providing more specific dates and instructions regarding the completion of these evaluations. Please contact Meredith L. Seibert, Kate Barrett, or Jennifer McArthur-Gilliam if you have any questions regarding the probationary evaluation process for support staff employees.

Substitute Coordinator/Timekeeper Training for Absences - Jan. 10th

As of 1/4/19, the absence codes in Absence Management have changed slightly to reflect recommendations made by the Substitute/Absence Principal Committee. HR will be holding a training session on January 10th with Sub Coordinators and Timekeepers to review these changes and to review the substitute guidelines and guidelines for reimbursing teachers covering when substitutes are unavailable. After that meeting, we recommend you update your employees on these changes. Please be sure your Sub Coordinators and Timekeepers attend this session on January 10th at 11:00 am at Central Services, Staff Development Room.
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Teacher Recruitment Fair- January 26, 2019