Isaac Lee

Isaac Lee

Born on April 1996


College Graduation 2022

Friday, May 27th 2022 at 8am

2200 Hillsborough

Raleigh, NC

Avoided drugs and kept on going through school.

Job Search

Saturday, April 22nd 2023 at 4:30pm

Providence Tarzana Medical Center: Irani Glenn R MD, Los Angeles, CA

After completing school, Isaac went on a job search in LA, California. The doctor gave Isaac the opportunity to work for him.

Wedding Day

Thursday, July 11th 2024 at 9pm

607 South Park View Street

Los Angeles, CA

After a couple months, Isaac chose to propose and devote his life to be with _______.


Monday, Dec. 2nd 2013 at 9pm

Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita, CA

2nd Child is born~ Isaac is a successful man, loving husband, and a great father.