Sojourner Truth


Birth date and death date

Born around 1797 in Swartekill , New York
Die on November 26, 1883 in battle creek, Mi.

Her childhood

She was one of the several children—historians mention this figure to be either 10 or 12—born to slaves James Baumfree and Elizabeth. Her parents were owned by Colonel Hardenbergh. After death of her owners ,Truth was sold off at an auction along with a flock of sheep in 1806. She was just nine years old then. Her new owner John Neely was a very cruel man.Sojourner had grown up in a dutch settlement and only knew how to speak Dutch . John Neely was an English man he was not happy that Sojourner could not speak English.John Neely often beat her because she could not follow orders. Sojourner was smart however and soon learned English just by listening to others talk life as a slave was very hard her Sojourner Truth. She had to work constantly and was sold several times Her fourth and final owner was John Dumont . he was somewhat nicer to her and remained with Dumont for many years .

Sojourner Truth

When Sojourner became a woman she fell in love with a slave named Robert from a nearby farm .However Dumont would not let her marry Robert . He ordered her to marry one of his slaves named Thomas. This way her children would belong to Dumont.Sojourner had five children , but one died shortly after birth. She constantly worried that one of her children would be taken away from her and sold.

Sojourner Truth's abolition

Sojourner began to work with abolitionists to bring slavery to an end throughout all of the United States . She also believed in women rights and basic civil rights of all people Sojourner traveled the country telling people what it was like to be a slave . She was an excellent speaker and when she told her story and explained how slaves were treated, people were moved .

What was wrong with the world before this reformed? And what did Sojourner Truth do to change it ?

Well there was slavery and women were mistreated they weren’t allowed to vote , own a property , etc. Sojourner Truth spoke for women’s behalf and her famous speech was "Ain't I a Woman" she changed some people with the speeches she said.

Sojourner Truth famous speech

Perhaps Sojourner Truth famous speech was given at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851. She spoke of slavery, but also of women's rights. Later, the speech was called "Ain't I a Woman", however, most historians agree that it is unlikely that Sojourner used this southern phrase in her speech.

What Sojourner Truth was remembered for .

Sojourner Truth was an important leader in the fight to end slavery . Her stories and speeches helped people to understand how immoral slavery was and that it must be stopped . She was in the very first group of women inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.