Barton Hills Bulletin

May 4 - May 8

From Kati

May is upon us which seems hard to believe. I'm so glad May begins with Teacher Appreciation Week because about this time you need to know how much you are appreciated and what a tremendous impact you have in the lives of children.

Updates/Reminders & Information

  • Our cafeteria monitor, Patricia, had a family member who tragically died last weekend. The family is raising funds for funeral expenses through a gofundme. I've included the link below for more information.

  • Beginning during the 2015-2016 school year, each school will assign a campus leader to serve as a PPfT SLO Campus Contact. Requirements and responsibilities include:

    • ​​Assigned to your campus as a "Teacher" by HR
    • Attend required paid training on either July 7 or August 3 from 12:30-3:30 pm at the Baker Center
    • Be prepared to serve in campus leadership role
    • Be comfortable with technology
    • Rather than guiding teachers through the SLO process, will direct teachers to appropriate SLO resources
    • Serve as a point of contact for communication between the campus and the district SLO team
    • Send email communication and deadline reminders to campus teachers
  • If you are interested in serving as our PPfT SLO campus contact, please let me know.

This Weeks Events

Teacher Appreciation Week and School Health Team Appreciation

Bartlett- Morning Duty


  • "C" Day for Special Areas
  • 7:45 Assembly
  • 9:00 Fire Drill
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch in the lounge


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 6:30 PTA Executive Board meeting


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • 9:00 - 1:00 Kindergarten to Crowe's Nest Farm (Kati will be going too)
  • 8:30 BUGz Dress Rehearsal


  • "C" Day for Special Areas
  • Laura's Birthday
  • 8:30 BUGz performance for school
  • 9:30-10:45 Kindergarten Orientation for incoming students
  • 3:00 Campus Advisory Council meeting
  • 6:30 BUGz performance for parents


  • "A: Day for Special Areas
  • 9:15 6th Grade to Scottish Rite Theatre

Upcoming Events

May 11

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

9:00 Harp Performance for K-3

May 12

4th Grade to San Antonio

5th STAAR Reading retake

May 13

Terry's Birthday

May 14

5th Grade to Houston Zoo

9:30 Third grade to Austin Zoo

3:00 CAC meeting

May 15

3:00 ish 5th Grade Returns

May 16

Color Run (Running Club)

UIL for 4th & 5th

May 18

Tapestry Dance Cultural Arts program: 9:00 K-2: 10;00 3-6

May 20

Student Talent Show (daytime)

May 21

6:30 Parent/Teacher Talent Show

May 22

Debbie's Birthday

Book Buddy Breakfast

May 25

Stacy's Birthday

May 26

Allyn's Birthday

May 27

Student Placement meetings (for 15-16) during planning

May 28

Faculty meeting

June 3

9:30 5th Grade Awards Assembly


Last Student Day

9;00 6th Grade Celebration

10:00 ish Celebration Walk

June 5

Last Teacher Day

8:30 Breakfast

June 12- August 14

Construction Window