White Rock Elementary

Principal Update 11/05/18

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TRE is Approved


Tuesday night the RISD Community approved the district’s Tax Ratification Election. We want to thank you for your part in the election process and supporting us here at WRE. The TRE will provide additional compensation for teachers and staff while adding more teaching positions, security enhancements, special education support and more.

We are thrilled that our community showed their support through the voting process once again and will keep you updated as progress begins with regard to implementing funds generated through the TRE.

No School - Student Holiday/ Staff Development Day ~ 11/6/2018

Tuesday, Nov. 6th, 7:30am-3pm

9229 Chiswell Road

Dallas, TX

Calendar Change: November 6 Now a Student Holiday

Due to security risks associated with RISD schools holding a normal school day while also serving as polling locations on the November 6, 2018, general election day, the district’s 2018-19 calendar is being changed so that Election Day is a student holiday/staff development day.

The change is being made as a precaution due to the thousands of unregistered visitors who gain access to RISD schools that serve as voting locations on Election Day. Because staff members and some daytime care students will still be in schools on Nov. 6, RISD will continue to take additional safety precautions to isolate voting areas from the rest of the campus and monitor visitors.

A district childcare option through the xPlore! program is available to families for November 6. Families interested in RISD’s xPlore! child care program on November 6 or other 2018-19 student holidays can learn more and sign up here. https://schools.risd.org/domain/1601

Updated Calendar:




Dash into Thanksgiving break with the Dads Club at our 2nd annual Turkey Dash—a fun- run for each grade to compete and earn those turkey-day treats!

Kinder and 1st grade will have an apx. .2 mile fun walk/run while trying to catch a Dads Club member in full turkey costume!

2nd – 6th grades will run an apx. .9 mile race around the WRE neighborhood!


Friday, November 16, 2018
Kinder — 8:45am 1st — 8:50am 2nd — 9:00am 3rd — 9:20am

4th — 9:40am 5th — 10:00am 6th — 10:20am


White Rock Elementary School and surrounding streets (See attached Map).



  • Waivers were sent home in red folders. Students must submit a signed waiver to their teacher by Monday, November 12, 2018—NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • This is a spectator event, so be there! We want you to cheer on your kids, take pics, give post-race hugs, and have fun. BUT you must stay in the areas designated on the attached map. Let’s make this a fun, safe event!


  • Dress in a shirt that matches your grade color: Kinder (KN Shirts); 1st grade (Green); 2nd grade (Pink); 3rd grade (Blue); 4th grade (Orange); 5th grade (White); 6th grade (Yellow). Teachers will pass out matching wristbands.


The top 3 finishing boys and girls in 2nd-6th grade will win an AWESOME custom medal!


We need volunteers to surround and monitor the course and cheer the kids on. To sign up to help, please contact president@wredadsclub.com.

Clubs and Enrichment Opportunities

WRE will be offering several options for before and after-school clubs and enrichment opportunities for students! You can find additional information about offerings at https://schools.risd.org/domain/1629

Please feel free to reach out to the club sponsor for additional questions.

Inclement Weather Procedures

Please send your child to school with a jacket so that they may go outside at recess time, PE time and Walk & Talk. The following information is part of the guidelines we follow during cold weather situations. Our key degree factor for cold weather is 36* Fahrenheit.


During times of excessively cold weather, the following precautions will be taken for all outdoor physical activity including, but not limited to: recess, physical education classes, walk and talk, and/or outdoor field trips.

Teachers and coaching staffs should be aware of the wind chill factor and take appropriate precautions during cold weather.

If a student does not have adequate warm clothing to participate in the outdoor activity, such clothing should be provided or the student excused from the activity.

Students should not have recess or Physical Education classes outside when temperature or wind chill factor drops below 36 degrees.

On days when the temperature is unseasonably cold, outside recess should be restricted to no more than 15 minutes.

Guidelines for determining cold weather conditions:

Temperature and humidity data may be obtained from

http://www.weather.com. Details specific to the school should be accessed as follows: Enter school zip code; select “hour-by-hour” tab (it is suggested that the site be bookmarked at this point for easy daily access); the lowest estimated temperature and the “feels like temperature” (wind chill) during school hours should be used.

The National Weather Bureau will provide local forecast and advisories.

Call - 817-429-2631, and then dial 511.

Weather Notification in RISD

Safety of our students and staff is a priority if severe weather is predicted or occurs during the school day. Several RISD departments (transportation, facilities, grounds) stand ready to assess the condition of the roads, and school facilities should ice and/or snow makes travel to or from RISD schools hazardous. Based on their assessment of the road conditions and consultation with surrounding districts, RISD's Superintendent will determine if schools in Richardson ISD will be delayed or closed for the safety of students and staff.

In the event of inclement weather that may require classes be delayed or canceled, parents and employees will be notified by telephone message before 6:30 a.m.

Also, patrons can call the district's inclement weather line at 469-593-SNOW, check the RISD homepage at risd.org, the district Facebook page at facebook.com/richardsonisd or the district Twitter feed at twitter.com/richardsonisd. The district also notifies local media outlets of closures or delays.

Parents, employees, and students should assume a regular school day unless a telephone message is received or the RISD website or SNOW line indicates closure or delay.

Crossing Guards at WRE

Crossing guards are here!! WRE has been assigned TWO crossing guards--one for Bellewood/Chiswell and one for Chiswell/Clearhurst. Their names are Denise and Catherine--please welcome them to WRE!

A HUGE thanks to the City of Dallas, Adam McGough and all of those in his office who worked so diligently to get this for our community. Thank you to each of YOU who called, emailed and petitioned for crossing guards--it takes a village and this is the result of everyone's effort.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped at the crosswalks in the afternoon and as always thank you to our amazing Traffic Dads for their service! Crossing guards will be an incredible addition!

Weather and Construction Delays

Construction at WRE has been delayed due to rainy and wet weather conditions. Rainy conditions cause the ground to be too wet and water tables to rise, and as a result, contractors cannot excavate certain areas.

The timeline for the playground and front office has been pushed back. I am hopeful that both projects will be complete by December 2018, but this will depend on the weather conditions moving forward. I will continue to update you on the progress of our playground and front office. Thank you for your patience as we complete our construction project at WRE.

Recess - Weather Conditions

On days of extreme weather conditions, schools will consider a shortened or indoor recess. Acknowledging that local weather and environmental conditions are frequently at intensities that may result in adverse health consequences, RISD employees shall take the following measures to protect student and staff health and safety.

Students need daily, vigorous exercise. It is not the intent to eliminate physical education or other outdoor programs during or after school; only that certain activities be limited or revised during those times when adverse health or safety consequences are most likely to occur. Precautions will be taken for all outdoor physical activity including, but not limited to: recess, physical education classes, and/or outdoor field trips.

Here are examples of why we would consider a shortened or indoor recess:

  • Hot Weather

  • Air Quality Index

  • Thunderstorms/ Rain

  • Cold Weather

  • Muddy Conditions

  • The condition of the Play Surfaces

The building principal, Lee Walker, and school nurse, Ashley Jones, will communicate when recess will be shortened or canceled. The National Weather Bureau provides local forecast and advisories. This information is used daily when communicating with staff about weather conditions.

Anytime recess is canceled students will have indoor recess. Indoor recess takes place in the classroom during the grade level designated recess time. The gym is not an option because it is being used for regularly scheduled classes. Typically students have a range of interests and are provided a variety of choices. Vigorous play is not a safe or viable option in the context of an indoor recess classroom setting due to the furniture and space constraints present in the physical setting.

Thank you for your continued support as we make decisions in the best interest of our students. When we decide to limit or cancel recess, it is always based on what is best for the majority of the 900+ students at WRE.

Rainy Day Dismissal

Rainy Day Dismissal

We will do Rainy Day Dismissal on days that it is raining during dismissal. Your visual will be that you will not see teachers and students gathered outside on the green space. The only group this will impact are Walkers.


Staff and children will remain inside and exit through our temporary office doors. Teachers will call for your students and send them out as they verify parents/ guardians. Parents/ guardians - you will need to get closer to the front office doors verses were you typically stand (close to Chiswell). Please remain on the greenspace until we connect you with your child. Once you have your child, you can walk down the sidewalk to exit school grounds.

True Walkers

No changes with dismissal procedures.

Car Riders

No changes with dismissal procedures.

If your child has a change with their dismissal procedure, please notify the front office before 10:00 am the day of the change. This will give the office sufficient time to inform your child’s teacher and keep the dismissal process as smooth as possible. We will send an updated arrival/dismissal image later this week that includes the temporary lane change & pedestrian area.

Kinder-6th Grade iPad Rollout

As communicated last year, during the 2018-2019 school year, White Rock Elementary will provide each student in grades Kindergarten-6th grade an iPad. Our mission for the 1:1 program is to create a collaborative learning environment through the utilization of district-approved technology for all students. This environment will enable and support students and staff to implement transformative uses of technology while enhancing students’ engagement with content and promoting the development of self-directed, responsible lifelong learners and users. The device will provide each student access to educational materials needed for achievement during the school year. The iPad will allow student access to the Google Classroom, ClassLink, and other web-based educational tools required by the curriculum. Our goal at WRE is to transition students from consumers of information to creative producers and owners of knowledge.

The most critical element of a technology initiative that provides equitable access to devices is how it will impact student learning. The iPad is another tool for the teacher to use to provide an engaging learning experience where students are creating, collaborating, communicating, and creatively thinking in their knowledge building. Students should use the iPads at teacher direction, specifically when the lesson and student learning expectations dictate a need. There may be days where the iPad is not a part of instruction or student learning, and that is alright. The iPads are to be used on-campus only. The iPads do not go home. All district Apple equipment is enrolled through JAMF, the district’s management system. (JAMF provides the district with the ability to install settings and restrictions on iPads, application management, and geo-location.)

Student iPad Contract

Each student is required to sign a contract before being issued an iPad. These guidelines outlined in the contract addresses the responsibilities of the student when using the iPad. The guidelines cover when (at the teacher direction) and how (on task usage) for using the iPad during school. Parent and/or guardian are required to sign the contract.

Managing Apps

The App Store will not be available on student devices. The apps in Self Service will go through a district vetting process following COPPA & CIPA guidelines. The teacher will be responsible for determining the appropriate app for a lesson based on learning objectives as well as proper use based on age.

Apps used have met the following criteria:

  • App Terms of Service, including any age limitation
  • Privacy Policy of the app for COPPA
  • Alignment with TEKS and/or Teaching & Learning approval

Classroom Management

The iPad is a tool for teaching and learning, not behavior modification. Therefore, it will not be used as a classroom consequence or reward and will not be part of a classroom behavior management plan. For example, the iPad will not be used as busy work for early finishers, an incentive for good behavior, or taken away due to negative behavior.

Screen Time

Device usage will be reflected in lesson plans. RISD suggests no more than 30 consecutive minutes of educational screen time and not to exceed 60 minutes in 24 hours for PreK-1. RISD recommends no more than 45 straight minutes of instructional screen time and not to exceed 90 minutes in 24 hours for 2-6. Educational screen time is defined as active, productive learning.

Parent Corner

Parent Corner is a website available to the community that tells the story of the technology integration for all RISD schools - PreK-12. It can be found on the RISD website - 1:1 Rollout or directly at www.risd.org/wegrow The site provides information about Online Safety in the district and guidance for home, highlights from student learning, district resources and how parents/guardians and access, and FAQs. The FAQs also has a link for additional questions to be routed to the appropriate department and a return answer. Parent Corner is an excellent place to direct parents with questions about the district’s technology initiative, including a place to ask questions.


WRE teachers will continue to provide purposeful and regular communication to parents about the classroom happenings that include highlights on teaching and learning with technology. For example, we will share specific apps being utilized and the learning objectives supported.

Through the utilization of 1:1 device, WRE teachers and staff now have the ability, and even more significant potential than before, to transform the classroom environment for students on a day to day basis. I am thrilled we have this opportunity and cannot wait to share all the amazing things our students will do.

Kinder-5th Grade GT Referral Assessment Timeline 2018-2019

***This is a new timeline and procedure. Please read carefully. All referrals for grades K-5 will be accepted in this window only.***

  • October 2 and 4: Parent referral information meetings (Reunión concurrent en español)

    • 6:00-7:00 RISD Administration Building (400 S. Greenville Ave.)

  • October 1 (8:00 AM): Universal referral window opens (http://bit.ly/RISDGTReferral)

  • October 19 (3:00 PM): Universal referral window closes

#IAmTXEd Campaign Submissions

We all know a teacher who goes above and beyond to provide an extraordinary learning experience for their students - and we want to CELEBRATE and SHARE their story

We feature enthusiastic teachers who work with students every day by sharing their story across the state of Texas on our social media platforms. It's easy - click here to nominate a teacher!

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

We are implementing Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) this year which focuses on proactive and positive structures in common areas such as the cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, and the playground. Students will have the opportunity to earn a SOAR ticket for meeting our guidelines to success, get their name on the Principal’s 100 Board in the main hall, receive a positive phone call home, and earn fun rewards throughout the year.

Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is a way for schools to encourage good behavior.

  • With PBIS, kids learn about behavior, just as they learn other subjects like math or science.
  • The key to PBIS is prevention, not punishment
  • Positive behaviors are rewarded with “Golden Tickets” throughout the week. At the end of 100 tickets being passed out, a mystery prize will be given. Five tickets are passed out daily.
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School Safety

Student, staff and visitor safety is of the utmost importance at WRE and in RISD, and the district relies upon numerous measures and protocols to encourage and provide a secure environment.

During construction, our Campus Emergency Plan is updated to accommodate the construction process, including an updated emergency exit plan, with, if necessary, temporary exits.

General safety and security standards, include:

• Construction materials stored safely and securely;

• Fences are maintained around supplies, debris, and construction site;

• Construction gates are locked unless a worker is in attendance to prevent unauthorized entry;

• Overhead protection and warning signs are posted;

• Workers wear identification badges

Separation of construction areas and workers from student occupied spaces will occur during the school day. All contractors while on school grounds, either during school hours or otherwise, will be required to bare some insignia and RISD identification badge. Also, all contractors will report to the front office and check in before entering the building.

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Do you know an outstanding teacher in your school or community? Nominate a deserving Texas educator for a 2019 Humanities Texas Outstanding Teaching Award!

Humanities Texas presents annual awards to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching in Texas schools. In 2019, Humanities Texas will present a total of fifteen awards to exceptional K-12 Texas humanities teachers in three different categories:

· Twelve humanities teachers will be selected to receive the Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award.

· Two humanities teachers will be selected for the Award for Outstanding Early-Career Teaching, which recognizes exemplary contributions of humanities teachers in Texas elementary, middle, and high schools who have completed three or fewer years of teaching.

· One Texas history teacher will be selected to receive the Linden Heck Howell Outstanding Teaching of Texas History Award.

Humanities Texas will select one of the fifteen recipients who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the educational field to receive the Julius Glickman Educational Leadership Award. The award honors Humanities Texas board member Julius Glickman for his extraordinary leadership of our organization and many others.

All award winners will receive a $5,000 prize, with an additional $500 for their schools to purchase humanities-based instructional materials.


To nominate a teacher for a 2019 Humanities Texas Outstanding Teaching Award, please complete the online nomination form by Friday, December 7, 2018. Both the nomination form and instructions can be found on the Humanities Texas website: http://www.humanitiestexas.org/education/teacher-awards/nomination.

Following your nomination, Humanities Texas will contact each nominated teacher with instructions on how to apply for the award.

Applications will be due Friday, February 8, 2019, and winners will be announced in May of 2019.


Contact Humanities Texas at ota@humanitiestexas.org or 512.440.1991.

Photo Identification ~ Entrance To Our Campus

All visitors must follow RISD's, and WRE's, building entry procedures and must sign in at the front office upon arrival and provide proper identification to receive authorization to enter the school. If you do not provide adequate identification, you will not be allowed to enter the building.

Your child's safety is our number one priority! We want to thank you for adhering to our guidelines and rules and helping keep our school safe.

2018 Parent Volunteer Registration - Voly

If you or a family member would like to volunteer, you will have to complete an online background check. Please note, it takes two weeks to process.

All volunteers must submit a form annually, even if you are a returning volunteer and had one the prior year.

Each year volunteers are required to re-register to serve at RISD schools. This year, RISD is implementing a new volunteer management system, Voly, which will allow campuses, parents, and volunteers to connect much more easily. Voly also conducts and expedites a thorough background check on all prospective school volunteers.

Here is the link: https://risd.voly.org/

Volunteer Policy

There are many opportunities for volunteering at White Rock. Your help is needed and valued. Here are some policy guidelines to help you as you get acquainted with school procedures. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please bring them to the teacher or staff person with whom you are working.

  • Dress Code: Please remember to be modest and to always present a good example to the students and others in appearance, conduct, and conversation.

  • Children: Please do not bring younger siblings to school with you when you volunteer. This will allow you to focus on your volunteer duties and give special attention to the area you are volunteering. Also, for liability reasons, the school simply cannot permit the younger siblings to be here.

  • Sign In: Please sign in and out in the office and wear a printed volunteer ID badge each time you come to volunteer. Remember to return your badge when you sign out. If you have valuables, please lock them in your car, or if necessary, ask about keeping them in the office while you are here.

  • Work Areas: Please do all projects in areas as requested/suggested by the teacher/ staff member.

  • Confidentiality: Please remember to keep all personal information about students, families, and faculty that you that may learn while doing volunteer duties should be kept confidential.

  • School Rules: Please be familiar with the guidelines for conduct in the White Rock Elementary Student and Parent Handbook, so you know what is expected of students. You may remind them of these rules when needed. If a student does not respond promptly and appropriately, please report the situation to his/her teacher.

  • Absences: As a courtesy to others, please call the school before 8:00 am if you cannot come in as scheduled. We will notify the teacher or staff person who was expecting you. If signed up through SignUpGenius.com, please cancel so someone else can sign up.

  • Training: Certain volunteers are required to attend a training session. This session will explain the responsibilities of the specific position.

Become a Volunteer

To volunteer at White Rock Elementary, we ask that you take care of a few important things first:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application and Background Check Form (Please note, it takes two weeks to process.) Volunteer services cannot begin until after the background check has been verified.

    1. https://risd.voly.org/

  2. Read and comply with our volunteer policy and dress code.

  3. Sign in at the office and get your name tag (must be worn at all times while on campus)

  4. Sign out in the office when you are done volunteering

All volunteers must submit a form annually, even if you are a returning volunteer and had one the prior year.


RISD has adopted ClassLink, a single sign-on platform that allows students to use one username and password to access everything they need, including the library resources. These free resources can also be used at home.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Log in to the Google RISD student account at https://accounts.google.com/ The username and password are listed below. RISD Google and Classlink accounts use the same username and password.

  2. Go to the ClassLink login page at https://launchpad.classlink.com/risd/ Again enter the username and password listed below.

  3. Enter risd in the Code field. Select “G Sign in with Google.”

**You can load the ClassLink app to your devices at home by downloading the Richardson ISD ClassLink app at the App Store.

ClassLink is a safe, secure way for students to connect with applications and files. By selecting the Library Resources application on ClassLink, your student has free access to Pebble Go, TumbleBooks, Destiny Discover (eBooks), World Book and much more! The software does not collect or share any personal student information.

You can learn more about ClassLink at www.classlink.com. If you have questions, you can email me at susan.mcginnis@risd.org.

Susan McGinnis

WRE Librarian


Get up-to-date information on your child's grades. If you don't have a Focus account, we encourage you to sign up. Please visit the RISD website site to sign up for a Focus account.


Do we have your current email and phone number?

If it has changed over the summer, please call the front office, 469-593-2700, or come by the WRE Office.

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Dates to remember

November 6 - Student Holiday; Staff Development Day

November 5 - Turkey Trot Permission Slips Go Home (due 11/9)

November 7-9 - 5th Grade at Sky Ranch

November 10 - PTA Auction

November 13 - I Know What to Do Day

November 15 - Individual Fall Picture Retakes

November 16 - Turkey Dash

November 19-23 - Thanksgiving Break

December 13 - WRE Honor Choir Performance WRE Cafeteria @ 6 pm

December 14 - Parent Names Due (For those attending Winter Parties) to have a preprinted badge made

December 17-21 Five Days of Holiday Fun Begins & Stuff-A-Bus Collection Starts

December 19 - Last Day of Gifted & Talented Services

December 20 - Kinder Winter Parties

December 21 - 1st-6th grade Winter Parties

How to get connected

We desire to keep you informed of all that is taking place at school. Up-to-date and additional information will be sent to you through the weekly “Red Folder” and will appear on our school web page. Please save these websites to your favorite bar, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. By doing this, you will be up to date on all the latest and greatest things happening around WRE!

Campus Schoolwires page: https://schools.risd.org/WhiteRockES

PTA website: http://www.wrepta.org

Dad's Club website: http://wredadsclub.com

Facebook: Search for - Sammy Seahawk (https://www.facebook.com/sammy.seahawk.35)

Twitter: You can follow us - @WreHappenings