My True Colors

Madelyn Whiteman 5th hour (Orange)


I learned better by doing & experiencing rather than listening & reading.


I thrive on physical contact & enjoy people who share my interests.


I provide stability and can maintain organization.

Leadership style

Expects punctuality, order, loyalty.

Symptoms of a bad day

Complaining and self-pity, Anxiety and worry, Depression and fatigue.

What three characteristics about your color fit you best?

I am very easy-going, open to change and enjoy people who share my interest.

What three characteristics were not like you?

I am all of the characteristics.

What type of job do you believe fits your personality type?

A Musician, and almost anything that doesn't involve working in an office.

How might your color affect you at work? 2 positive, 2 negative.

I am clever and flexible but I enjoy freedom and independence.