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Sept 10, 2021

Pittman Grown-Ups

What an amazing week at Pittman! I love getting to know all the students who are new to Pittman this year, especially our Kindergartners. This week we have worked on new lunch procedures. Each round of lunch has a goal of eating for 10 minutes quietly before having conversation time. This quiet time helps us focus on eating all our food and keeping our lunchroom calm and safe. Students did a great job for their first week.

During PBIS lessons next week, students will be learning about the 5 steps to self-regulation. They will be focusing on the first 3 steps (see below). Our purpose for teaching these steps are to help students recognize when they are triggered or going to "flip their lids" and to give them steps to self calm instead of reacting.

Step 1: I am - students recognize that they are having BIG feelings

Step 2: I calm - students pick a breath to use to calm down

Step 3: I feel - students pick a feeling from the feelings chart that shows how they are feeling.

Pittman teachers are working hard to help students self-regulate!

Have a great weekend!

Virtual High-Fives,

Mrs. Agnew

Thank you for Being on time to Arrival and Dismissal

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Even though school lunch and breakfast will be free to all students this year because of a federal grant, we still need ALL families to complete the free and reduced lunch form. Free and Reduced lunch status helps Pittman get federal funding through the Title l program. Currently Pittman utilizes our funding to have a reading and math specialist who work with students.

Please complete the online application at: https://www.sps.org/ then click on “Free and Reduced Meal Application” on the right.

Staff Brag Board

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Positive Office Referrals

Next week we will start Positive Office Referrals at Pittman. These referrals are for students who are showing the Pittman Way. When a student receives one of these positive office referrals, parents get a positive phone call home and the student will get to add their name to the "Principal's 100 club". The Principal's 100 club is made up of the first 100 students who get a Positive Office Referral. I can't wait to start making some positive phone calls!
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The Nourishing Nest

Soon our school store will be open! We are working on filling the store with items students will enjoy purchasing with their Eagle Points. Students will get to shop in the store during lunch times every other week. Eagle points are earned for being a Kind, Safe, Learner. Ask your student about Eagle points today!

PTA News

Coming UP!

Sept 22 - Picture Day

Sept 22 - Mid-Quarter

Sept 28 - Open House 5:00-6:30

Oct. 15 - Trunk or Treat

Nov. 15-19 - Book Fair

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2021-2022 District Calendar

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District Student Handbook

The 21-22 District Student Handbook can be found HERE
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