Support Is Here

As time ticks on....

As we move through the school year after the tragic passing of your classmate, Leah, I continue to see some of you struggling with your grief. Each of us processes life changing events like the death of a friend differently. It's not something we can schedule or predict. Many of you are able to "move on" and continue to participate in life but we are seeing that some of you are kind of "stuck" and might need and appreciate some help processing your grief. To that end we are in the process of setting up group counseling session for those who would like to participate. The group will focus on grief and the grieving process. If you think this is an opportunity you would like to take advantage of, please complete the interest form below. (click the link button) We will be in contact with you after we have made arrangements.

School Counseling Office

Mrs. deQuevedo - classes of 2018, 2020, 2022

Mrs. Valonis - classes of 2017, 2019, 2021