Wade King Elementary

May 2021

A Note from the Principal

Hello Wade King Families,

It feels fantastic for all of our students to be able to learn in-person four days a week. Zoom was a fantastic way for us to learn remotely... and it's great to be able to put our laptops and ipads away and learn together without technology.

There is great in-person learning happening here! This week, I watched kindergarteners searching for classmates that liked the same things they liked, first graders observing and writing about the states of matter, and second graders writing letters to friends about books they love. Our third graders are learning about weather and climate change, fourth graders have discovered how much of the earth's surface is water - and how little of that is freshwater, and our fifth graders took a virtual field trip to WWU's Planetarium. There's also a lot of JOY because we are able to learn and play together. We're looking forward to a fabulous last six weeks of school.

As always, don't ever hesitate to connect with me if you have questions, concerns, ideas, or even great stories. I love hearing from you!

With Gratitude,

Stephanie Johnson, Principal

Important Dates for May & June 2021

5/3, 5/4, 5/6, 5/7 Picture Day (more info below)

5/3 to 5/14 - Bellingham Foundation JOY Project

5/7 Wade King Has Talent (Talent Show video) shared via email

5/8 School Photos will be available online

5/11 Photo Retakes(more info below)

5/13 PTA Meeting at 7:30pm (more info below)

5/14 Parent Input for Class Placement due (more info below)

5/21 NO SCHOOL - This would have been a snow makeup day if we had needed it

5/31 NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day Holiday

6/18 Last Day of School

Contact Information

If you have a question or need support... we are here to help! Connect with Stephanie, Greg, or Jaymie and we'll help or direct you to someone who can.

Stephanie Johnson (Principal) Stephanie.Johnson@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 676-6470 ext 2400 OR (360) 201-7801

Greg Holmgren (Assistant Principal) Gregory.Holmgren@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 676-6470 ext 2460 OR (360) 961-8539

Jaymie Wakefield (Counselor) Jaymie.Wakefield@bellinghamschools.org

(360) 676-6470 ext 2420 OR (360) 746-5319

Do You Need Tech Support?

Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Anderson are always ready to help! You can also call our school office at 360-647-6840. Tell them your child's name, teacher's name, the best number to call you at, and as much detail as you can about the problem you are having.

Mrs. Hunter (Library Media Specialist)



Mrs. Anderson (Ed Tech Coach)



New Faces in the Office

There are some new faces in the office we want to introduce you to.

Michelle Gregory is an Office Assistant and likely to be the one who answers the phone and supports your child if he/she arrives late or needs to leave early. You will see Michelle outside at dismissal too, helping to enter family codes. Michelle is also helping with attendance. You can leave attendance information for her by phone at 360-647-6840 ext. # 1 or by emailing KIN.Attendance@BellinghamSchools.org.

Jennifer Thornton is our Health Room Aide. She works closely with our nurse, Alyssa Johnson, to support the health needs of our students.

Cid Johnson also provides additional nursing support on Mondays.

The JOY Challenge

The Bellingham Schools Foundation is sponsoring a community JOY Challenge. It's an opportunity to show gratitude and focus on the things that bring you and your family joy. I encourage your family to participate in whatever way feels right.

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Class and Individual Pictures THIS WEEK

This week, local photographer, Crystal Garcia, is taking class and individual photos for us this year. Each classroom will have their individual photos taken one day, and their class photo taken on another day. Students will take their masks off for their individual photos because we will be outside with significant social distancing. Students will leave their masks on for their class photo. The photo schedule is below.

AFTER the photos are taken, your child will bring home a half-sheet of paper with their name on it and an individual QR code to scan. That will allow you to preview their individual and class photos as soon as they are ready. If you log on now, their photos will not be available, but they will be available by Saturday. You will also get an email letting you know when your photos can be previewed online. At that point, you can decide if you want to purchase any.

If you preview your child's photo and would like Crystal to re-take it, she will be back at Wade King on Tuesday, May 11th between 11am-12pm. If you would like Crystal to re-take your child's individual photo again, email her at crystal@crystalgarcia.com and let her know.

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Pajama, Comfy Clothes, and Stuffie Day Fun

Last Friday, we had another Fun Friday Schoolwide Event planned by our Student Leadership Team: Pajama, Comfy Clothes, and Stuffie Day. The next Friday Fun day will be on May 28th. We are planning extra fun during recesses that day. Our monthly Friday Fun events are a way for our school community to have fun together.

Wade King Has Talent... Coming Friday!

Our Talent Show Video will be sent out to families via email this Friday. It will also be included in this Friday's News for Kids!

Keeping Our Kids Safe

Thanks for helping us keep all of our kids safe during pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Driving through drop-off/pick-up lane very slowly, pulling forward as the line moves forward
  • Walking on the sidewalk (rather than across the carpool lane) during drop-off/pick-up times
  • Watching for walkers crossing the street at the top of the parking lot

We appreciate you!

PTA Meeting - Thursday, May 13th at 7:30pm

The Wade King PTA has continued to support our school… virtually! You are invited to join their next meeting to share your ideas for family engagement.

Join us on Thursday, May 13th via Zoom to share your ideas and/or hear the ideas of others. The Zoom link for the meeting will be posted on the Wade King PTA website the day of the meeting. Hope to see you online!

If you haven't yet joined our PTA, you can learn more about our PTA and even become a member by visiting their website. Becoming a member does not mean you have to volunteer!

Reflections... Sharing Your Experience

As you reflect on the school experience your child and family have had over the last year, I'm curious about things that you hope our school community is able to hold on to. If you are comfortable sharing, I would love to hear from you.

Do you know an incoming KINDERGARTENER?

If you know a child who will be in kindergarten next year, at Wade King or any of our other Bellingham Schools, please encourage their family to complete our online kindergarten registration. This online registration link is the same for students who will be joining a Bellingham School next year in other grades as well.

Parent Input for Next Fall

Parent input regarding the learning environment that will best support their child will be considered as our staff makes placements for next year. It is important to know that when our staff makes class placements, we make intentional decisions to ensure the best possible placement for each student, while at the same time creating classrooms that are balanced academically and support the social-emotional needs of all our students. Our staff is committed to using all that we know about your child to make the best possible placement for them. We are unable to honor specific requests for an individual teacher but will consider the information you share about the learning needs of your child. If you have input you want to share, please fill out this form below by Friday, May 14th.

News from Ms. Wakefield, School Counselor

Have a question? Need support? Want to connect?

Please don't hesitate to contact me: jaymie.wakefield-georgen@bellinghamschool.org. You can also call me at (360) 676-6470 ext 2420 OR (360) 746-5319. The box below will link you to a form to make an appointment with Ms. Wakefield.

Mrs. Wakefield's Virtual Counseling Office

You are also invited to check out Mrs. Wakefield's Virtual Counseling Office. There are resources for families and for students.

Meal Boxes... WEDNESDAYS 4:00-5:30pm

Weekly meal box distribution has returned to Wednesdays at these locations. Wade King is one of those locations! Drive through our pick up/drop off loop for a FREE 7-day meal box for each child in your family.

If you need additional support, please contact the Family Resource Center now by filling out the help form or calling 360-676-6456. Visit their website for more information on times and locations.

Bellingham Community Meals - May 29th

Bellingham Community Meals happen on the last Saturday of each month. The next one is May 29th. Due to Covid restrictions, these will be served as To-Go Meals only from 12:30-2:30 p.m. Meals will be served at Assumption Gym, 2116 Cornwall Ave.

Pandemic EBT Funds

Pandemic EBT 2.0 is now here!
If you haven't already done so, families are encouraged to apply for free and reduced priced meals, making them automatically eligible for P-EBT 2.0. This EBT program provides additional support during the pandemic. Go to bellinghamschools.org/food-services for the free and reduced price meal online application.

If you have questions about the free/reduced price meal application, call 360-676-6572. All questions related to the P-EBT should be directed to 833-518-0282

¡Ya está aquí el EBT de la Pandemia 2.0!

Para más apoyo durante la pandemia, invitamos a que las familias apliquen para el lonche reducido o gratuito si es que aún no lo han hecho para este ciclo escolar, haciéndolos elegibles para el P-EBT 2.0. Vaya a bellinghamschools.org/food-services para llenar el formato en línea de la aplicación de lonche reducido gratuito.

Para asistencia con la aplicación del lonche reducido o gratuito, por favor llame al 360-676-6456. Todas las preguntas sobre la elegibilidad para el P-EBT pueden ser dirigidas al centro de contacto de P-EBT al 833-518-0282.

Ways to Help Our PTA Earn Money

Did you know Box Tops for Education has an ap? No longer do you need to clip Box Tops to turn in. Join for free... and simply scan your receipts to earn money for our PTA. It's that easy!
Big picture

Another way to help our PTA earn money is by linking your Fred Meyers Reward card to Wade King PTA 8.3.37. A percentage of your spending goes right back to our PTA and it does not impact your other rewards.

Safe Schools Reporting and Tip Line

Students, parents or community members who have information, tips, or concerns regarding a safety issue in our schools are encouraged to text or call 844-310-9560 or visit bellinghamschools.org/safe for confidential, anonymous, two-way communication with our safety staff.

Multi-Language Message Line

Families whose first language is not English can leave a message on our multi-language message line at 360-647-6816. Families dial 2 for Russian, dial 3 for Vietnamese, dial 4 for Punjabi or dial 5 for any other language (say name of language at beginning of message). Please call 360-676-6456 for Spanish.

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