Tree Souls

Come and help the environment!

What we do to help stop deforestation

We go out and plant trees for the ones that people have chopped down and at the end of the year we have a celebration to celebrate the hard work that we've done for the forests. for more information look down at the bottom of the flyer.


Membership-$30 a month

Buy our recyclable products:

Re-usable groovy plastic bag- $5

Water bottles-$5

lunch box-$6

old tapes to make with-$3

Donate your recyclable things


All this will go towards forests in need.

The forests we work on are


Onthe 21st of December we are going to have a end of year celebration that includes party games with free drinks and food to eat. All the details are down below and it will go from 10am to 2pm.

We hope you can all come along!

Thank you! From the Tree Souls Team :)

We are The Tree Souls Team

If you have any problems please contact or website.

phone number:

*8505 3678