Secrets Preserved

by Greer Anderson

Finding What is Meant to be Hidden

The hot Italian sun is beating down on me and my colleagues and the sound of our tools chipping into the mummified city of what we think was called Pompeii makes a constant click and pause pattern. My mind is beginning to drift off when the ground beneath me shifts, cracks, and falls in. I expect only a small drop but instead I fall several feet and land with a hard thud on a mummified stone ground. Bits of stone and dust fall into my face and I quickly roll over to protect my eyes. The dust settles and I cough, my eyes and lungs burning, I stare up at the hole in what I guess was a ceiling and reply to the many calls including my name, “ I’m okay, I think I found something!”

A Child

I examine the room around me, there is a simple table with benches and chairs lining the sides in the center of the room, a shelf with messy piles of books thrown across the floor to my left and a chest also to my left. As I carefully walk around the room I notice a series of strange shapes off in a far corner, I walk over and a gasp escapes my lips. A whole family. A mother clutching a baby to her chest that could not be older than 4 months of age, a crumpled child at the mother’s feet, head in hands, a man with his back to me, arms around the family, and finally my eyes wander to the deepest part of the corner, I see a child, clutching a lump that looks like a book to his chest, and a hand thrown up towards the sky.


The whole team has come down to look at my discovery by now, and we have determined that the lump that the child was clutching to its chest was indeed a book ( everyone erupted with excitement at the find of the rare written source). We decide to call in the specialists, after about 25 minutes 3 men and 5 woman wearing goggles and gloves arrive with their kits, they tell us to allow them to take care excavating the book, we wander off into the room and look for any hollows that could have been door ways. We find three, all leading into a hallway and another empty room.

Coming to a Conclusion

History Unfolded

We have come to the conclusion that this journal belonged to a family, it was passed down from generation to generation, each only writing a little bit to preserve the pages. The first to own this book was thought to be a man, the child’s great grandfather. This journal told of daily life in pompeii, in addition to special events.

Here is a little bit of back-round information on where I found the journal.- These videos tell about the city of Pompeii and Vesuvious's deadly erruption.
Pompeii video 1

tells about Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius's erruption

Pompeii video 2

Tells about the city of pompeii.