Computer Programmer

By Tanner Spencer

Job Description

Create, change, and test programs that allow computer applications to run. They also design computer software.


  • Bachelor's Degree


There are different types of certification test you can take, depending on what company you want to work for, like:

  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • Linux Professional institute
  • Etc.

Job Outlook

  • 5 Stars

Median Annual Salary in the U.S

$77,550 dollars each year

Task and Activities

  • Resolve computer software problems
  • Write code
  • Test computer system operations to ensure proper functioning
  • Prepare instruction manuals
  • Document design or development procedures


The reason why I choose to be a Computer Programmer is because since I want to be a Graphic Designer this would be my second choice since they're both similar to each other.

They both involve writing code, they both create, change and test out new things and experiment with them.