Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of September 8th

What Are We Doing?

Reading- Monitoring our thinking as we read

Writing- Practicing and learning how to do spelling homework

Math- Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100

**My hope is to have our first math test on Friday, BUT if I notice the kids are still struggling with rounding we might push it to next week. I'll send an email verifying but for right now plan for the test to be on Friday. There will be a practice test in their green folder on Thursday to help them study at home.

Social Studies- SC Regions and River Systems

**Students will complete a social studies project tomorrow and will not be allowed to use their notes, so it is important they know the information on their note sheet. We discussed this in the class today and I told them to write it down on their homework sheet.


Tuesday- Study your social studies notes (they put them in their green folders today) and read for 20 minutes

Wednesday- Rounding to the nearest 100 math sheet and read for 20 minutes

Thursday- Study for math test **Test Tomorrow

Friday- Have a great weekend!

Reminders and Dates

Graded Papers- Since we were out yesterday I sent home graded papers today. Please make sure you check these papers, sign your child's green folder so I know you received them, and let me know of any concerns you have.

Three-ring Binders- On most days I will have students bring home their 3-ring binder with their social studies/science notes inside. This is so they can study their notes periodically so they don't have to cram for a test. Please make sure all their note sheets stay inside the binder and that the binder is returned to school each day. When we are done with the notes I will have students transfer the notes to their green folder for you to keep.

Book Fair 9/8 - 9/14

Goal Post Starts 9/9

Breakfast with Grands 9/10