Office365 & Staff-Staff SharePoint


Understand the Differences

As a Peel employee, know when to use Office 365 vs SharePoint Staff-to-Staff Collaboration. This diagram effectively demonstrates the clearest way to use each tool.

Getting Started with Office 365

What’s Office 365 all about? It provides teachers and students in Peel with productivity and collaboration tools necessary for today’s 21st century teaching and learning. The videos below provide insight on the features and functionality of Office 365.

Office 365 Demo part one

See what Peel's Office 365 has to offer. Start to explore Office 365 with the first installment of this three-part series. Understand the difference between Office 365 and Staff-to-Staff SharePoint. Find out about student email for every student in Peel.
Office 365 Demo part 1 of 3 with video

Office 365 Demo Part two

In part two, we see how Office 365 becomes a powerful tool with news feeds and how they can be used in the classroom for communication and collaboration. Learn about following people, #tags, documents and blogs.

Office 365 Demo part 2 of 3

Office 365 Demo Part Three

Skydrive and the tool that it offers, called Office Web Apps, gives every student in Peel the ability to access and create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, anywhere, anytime!

Office 365 Demo part 3 of 3

Using Office 365 as an Educator

Walk through as the teacher, Jane Doe, and see how Office 365 can be used. This video walks through Outlook, Calendar, People, Newsfeeds, SkyDrive and Sites tabs within the Office 365 environment.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Getting Started

Let's explore what you, as a Peel employee, will be able to do with SharePoint Staff-to-Staff Collaboration. If you've explored Office 365, the functionality is the same. The difference is that collaboration occurs between staff. Create and post to newsfeeds to share ideas, follow other staff members, create a blog and/or ask questions. Connect with co-worker’s across Peel! It’s similar to Facebook and Twitter but the sharing takes place in an internal environment, ensuring only Peel staff have access to these posts.

Watch the video on corporate newsfeeds and blogging to find out more

PDSB Corporate Newsfeed
Corporate Blogging

Peel’s Office 365 and SharePoint Staff to Staff Collaboration

Don't hesitate to ask a question or make requests for "how to" videos. We look forward to seeing you on Peel’s Office 365 and Staff to Staff SharePoint newsfeeds!