Summer Reading

by grace jurs

quick summary

Thirteen reasons why by Jay asher is a great book about a young girl who killed herself but left 7 tapes with 13 reasons why she did what she did. Each reason was because of a person too. The first person to get it was a guy named clay. he didn't know what he did to get the tapes but he decided to listen. he went to the places Hannah talked about and tried to understand more. There was nothing bad about him on the tapes so that relived him but he was sad at the thought of hearing Hannah's voice. If clay didn't send the tapes to the next person Hannah had her friend Tyler hold onto an extra pair of tapes and Tyler would go by the people of the tapes and show them a tape saying "i'm listening to this", if they got nervous he knew they had them but if they didn't they knew he didn't have them. if one person didn't send the tapes then Tyler's job was to send them out and by that I mean make the tapes public and scare it with everyone because that's what Hannah asked.


Something that impressed me was how jay Asher got an idea for this book because it was a very odd idea but it was very interesting and would catch a readers eye. Another thing is how she used detail because it made the book more interesting to read. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends that haven't read it yet.

questions for the authoer did you get the idea for this book?

2. Why didn't we see a snip it of Hannah's life before she killed herself?

3.did this book have to do anything with you childhood? did you come up with the reasons that Hannah killed herself?

What i learned from this book

well I learned that one little thing that you do or say that you dont think is big may be very big to another person and it can effect them more than you can know so be careful what you do or say about others because something bad or possibly good could then happen.