The Scientific Revolution

Challenging the Norm

What was the Scientific Revolution?

The scientific revolution was a period of change and discovery and there were some major players in the scientific revolution and These people helped changed the world forever. There was discoveries in how the earth rotated and that the sun was the center of universe.
Scientific Revolution Song

From Nicoluas Copernicus to Galileo and every where in between

Nicoluas Copernicus started the trend in astronomy during the Scientific Revolution when he challenged the system and the establishment. Copernicus challenge the idea of a Geocentric Universe. He believed that the Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun starting the idea of a Heliocentric Model.

Galileo wanted to prove this theory and started to track the movement of Venus and proved Copernicus' theory and wanted to share his findings with the world. but the Church would have other ideas. He was tried for Heresy for challenging the teachings of the Church. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest in his home in Italy.