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Peace, Love & Read @ Audie Murphy Middle School

In an effort to promote literacy, Audie Murphy Middle School just celebrated its first “Literacy Themed Day”- Peace, Love & Read- on October 14, 2015. Students and staff members dressed in their 60’s attire to go along with the theme. Teachers came in to the library during their conference to read to students. Students who dressed in their hippie outfits received a free book, pencils and bookmarks, and tuned in to “The Twist”, “I want to Hold Your Hand”, the "Twist and Shout”, and more sixties hits. Murphy students had a “Groovy” Literacy themed day.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Audie Murphy Multi-millionaires

Audie Murphy Multi-millionaires

Congratulations to all our Audie Murphy multi-millionaires. Julissa Gonzalez was our first multi-millionaire, and Jessie Sandoval was our second multi-millionaire. Congrats to these two students. All the Audie Murphy multi-millionaires and millionaires will be treated to a fine restaurant in December.
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Audie Murphy's first Multi-Millionaire

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Audie Murphy's Second Multi-Millionaire

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Second Six Weeks Top AR Readers

Guess who was caught reading?

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Get Caught Reading

Students at Audie Murphy Middle School have been caught reading. Some students were caught reading curled up on a couch, on the floor, or outside the school. So the next time you are reading a book, beware! The photographer is lurking nearby. Get caught in the reading web.

Click on the link below to view the video.

Letters About Literature

Elizabeth Martinez was in the library one day and told her friend, " That book really touched me." Elizabeth is the perfect candidate for the contest "Letters About Literature". This contest allows students to write a letter to an author who has influenced him/her due to a book that the author has written. If any student feels the same way about a book, stop by the library to speak to the librarian about entering this contest. Click on the link below to read about the "Letters About Literature" contest.

Read 5 Then Decide

Sixth grade students who read five of the twenty Texas bluebonnet nominee books will be able to vote for their favorite book in January. Stop by the library and read at least five of the 20 Bluebonnet nominees to qualify to vote in January.


MackinVia is now a one-shop stop for all our library resources (formerly known as databases). All teachers were given the password in August, and several email reminders have been sent during the last two months. If someone still does not have the password for MackinVia, stop by the library to get the password from the librarian.