The Cool Cats Newsletter

A Peek at our Week 09.09.2016


We have had a great week full of fun and excitement. We are adjusting to our new routine, learning how to get places in the school and what are expectations are. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the classroom and playground as well as meeting new friends.

Literacy - Pete the Cat

We started this week learning about one of Ms. Jada's favorite characters...Pete the Cat. These books have great a great story and pictures that the children have loved. Not only have they connected with the character, but we also learn how to handle frustrating situations in an appropriate way. We will focus on our social emotional skills in a variety of ways throughout the school year. One of my favorite phrases to use with the kids is "It's all good!" It works wonders on tense situations in the classroom.


Art is an integral part of preschool life. It is such an awesome way for our students to express their individuality and creativity. It also provides opportunities for us to build hand and arm strength needed for writing and cutting. We will do a variety of projects as well as provide opportunities for free choice. Please note that we may get messy and come home with paint, markers and glue on us and/or our clothes. It means we have been working hard at learning in our classroom.

Our work in Pictures

We try to capture pictures throughout the day to share with parents. We know it is hard to get information from your children about their day. I truly believe in the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" We hope that not only can you see the enjoyment and engagement of your children, but also the growth and learning that is occurring in the pictures that we share.


I am amazed to watch the friendships grow throughout the year. The children often have a preferred playmate, but that often evolves and changes throughout the year. Learning to share and take turns is really hard work and we are constantly providing reminders to be a good friend and to use your words. All the instruction and reminders does pay off and we have friends not only playing cooperatively but also helping each other each and every day in the classroom!


This week we practiced two drills at school. The first was a fire drill. Several of the students were surprised by the loud noise, but all did a great job listening to the teachers and going outside. Our bus drill was more fun. We were able to see the bus, climb on it and sit in the seats. We learned how to safely get on and off the bus in case of emergency.

Important Dates

09.12.2016 RRES Chick Fil A Night 5-8 pm

09.14.2016 Early Release @ 12 pm

09.23.2016 No Preschool, BASP Provided

09.28.2016 Early Release @ 12 pm