The Verona Observer

Monday, July 15, 1530


  1. Love Triangle: Paris, Juliet, Romeo
  2. Nurse gets assaulted in the street
  3. Capulet suspects a trespasser
  4. Weather in Verona looks promising for the next week

Blood in the Streets

Today in our fair city of Verona the two Houses Montague and Capulet have yet again disgraced themselves by fighting in the streets. From our sources in the field this is what we know. The Montague's known as Mercutio and Benvolio were speaking with the Capulet known as Tybalt who was preparing for his fight with the Montague known as Romeo but the commotion didn't start until Romeo arrived, once he did Tybalt challenged him by calling him a villain and what Romeo had to say might shock some "Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting. Villain am I none. Therefore, farewell. I see thou know’st me not." - direct quote and when Mercutio tried to fight him for saying so. Romeo tried to break up the fight and Mercutio got stabbed and killed in process his last words are said to be "Help me into some house, Benvolio, or I shall faint. A plague o' both your houses! They have made worms' meat of me. I have it, And soundly too. Your houses!". Afterwards Tybalt was killed in what some may call a reasonable rage. But not reasonable according to the prince who has banished Romeo by penalty of death, and if anyone knows of his whereabouts or is harboring him they are to turn him in to the authorities, failure to do so is punishable by death.

Capulet Masquerade Ball

Recently the Capulets have held a masquerade ball. A rumor was said that Paris asked to marry Juliet at the ball. Most believe it was he who is suspected of breaching Capulet's secured walls and that he was trying to reach his lover Juliet.

Interview of Civilians

We interviewed some civilians at the scene to get their input on the fight:

Benvolio: The cowardice shown by the Capulets today is shown by their fallen rat of a member, Tybalt, who was killed in honorable combat not stabbed under the arm like some street merchant because we show even our cowardly enemies with respect unlike the capulets.

Montague: I cannot stress my agreement with Benvolio on this and I must leave at that to morn the loss of the brace Mercutio and I'm sure Romeo would agree if he wasn't currently on the run

Lady Capulet: All I know is that our beloved Tybalt was unrightfully murdered at the hands of those savage Montagues which is all that needs to be said

Citizen: I saw the whole thing that one man killed the other and he was dead not moments after, it's days like this that I question the status of our world

Prince: The disgraceful actions of these houses have brought great shame on our city and their families and their cows. I hope Romeo never returns to this city or there will be a price to pay for this madness