By: Paul Rudnick

Book Review By: Jessica Cosino

An eighteen-year-old girl named Becky Randel is an ordinary girl from a small town. Her birthday starts out devastating as she findsout her mother died from natural causes. After finding a phone number, she then knew that her mother had kept it for a reason. After dialing it, everything changed for her. She got on a hundred dollar plane ticket to New York to meet Tom Kelly, a very famous worldwide designer, which had her speechless. After a uncomfortable conversation about her mom, she wanted to run out and act like nothing had happened to her. She stayed and was offered to be the most beautiful woman on earth.

This book was great for me. Every time I read it, I didn't want to stop at all because I was curious to find out what was going to happen next to Becky Randel. I had many connections to what Becky was going through emotionally. Just like her, she didn't grow up with her father, but her mother was always present to help her in any way that she could. I had a good insight of how she felt to lose someone really important in her life. One of the feelings I related to was how she struggled to understand all the changes in her life. For me, moving from Blacksburg, SC to Spartanburg, SC was completely out of my comfort zone. It is hard to adjust to a place where people have their own circles or people who just keep to themselves.

Gorgeous is a great book to read if you are one of those readers who is looking for adventure along with romance. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. In some parts of this book there is some foreshadowing, but not everything you predict actually happens. If you want a book that keeps you curious about what happens next you should definitely read this book.