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Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 January 4, 2017


It is going to be a great second semester!

Welcome to 2017!

It always seems a bit odd to me, since schools exist on the old agrarian calendar, that within a school year we have two beginnings. The first beginning being the start of the year in August and the second with a new calendar year in January.

As the New Year begins, we put the old year away, and 2016 was sure an interesting year. What with politics (nope, I’m not going there!), all the celebrity deaths, and the dow flirting with 20,000, a new Star Wars Movie: Rogue One (loved it btw), and many other things, the history lessons in 2046 will have interesting things to say about us I am sure.

One thing I want to focus on for a brief moment if you will indulge me is the question “are we better off now than before?” With what seems like endless negativity out of mainstream media and pure craziness out of fake news sites, one would think we are just about to “go to he** in a handbasket,” as my dearly departed mother often liked to say (I think I am glad she didn’t live to see this election, not sure I could have stood her binge watching all the talking heads on TV!).

So with the above in mind, take a look at these six graphs from ourworldindata.org. Over the past two centuries, as a whole, our existence has indeed changed for the better, and very much so. Between the above-mentioned media and the law of small numbers, it is easy sometimes to forget that we live in the greatest country in the world, with more access to food, medicine, and supplies than nearly anywhere else at any other time in history.

Make 2017 the best year yet! Let’s be thankful for all we have. Thank you for all you do for our students, our community, and each other. Happy New Year!

--Kevin Freeman

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Retirement reminder

For those getting ready to retire in 2017, in order to be paid for your sick leave (maximum 100 days); anyone wishing to retire must have their notice into Bethany Collins by one of the following days, per Board policies GCPC and GDPC:

Certified Staff: March 1, 2017

Support Staff: March 18, 2017 (for those retiring on the last day of school)

NOTE: Those retiring on any other day then the last day of school will need to give 60 days notice in order to receive payment for sick leave.

ALSO NOTE: This is only for retiring employees; resigning employees are not eligible for the sick leave payout benefit.

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Bright Futures Mexico and Michelle Whanger among the honorees at the Annual Chamber Dinner

Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner is January 20th at the Mexico Elks Lodge. Award recipients are Jim Dye, Stribling Community Service Award; Bright Futures Mexico, President’s Award; Simmons Stables, Excellence in Tourism Award; Audrain Tennis Association, Civic Award; Marjorie Graf, Philanthropic Achievement Award; Michelle Whanger, Teacher of the Year; and Tyronn Lue, G. Andy Runge Ambassador.

The evening begins with social hour at 5:30 and dinner will be served at 6:30. Following dinner awards will be presented and the evening will conclude with a short auction. The highlight of this year’s auction will be Cleveland Cavaliers tickets and a $400.00 travel voucher donated by AT&T. Reservations may be made by calling the chamber office 573.581.2765, the deadline is January 6.

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Click to help Natalie Phillips with her FFA Project

Natalie Phillips is working on her Agriscience Research Project. She needs at least 100 survey answers. Please take the time to answer a short 3 question survey. Thanks so much!!

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Bulldog Bytes

Bulldog Bytes will be available in your in box each Wednesday (with some exceptions around Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Summer break). Send items to be published to jdiffenderfer@mexico.k12.mo.us. These items can be wedding photos, birth announcements/photos, fund raisers for sports and civic clubs, and other district wide communication needs.