The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Brandon Mckivitz

Background Information

Norma Jean Mortenson formally known as Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962. She was found naked in her bed, face down, with a phone in one hand. There were also empty bottles of pills that were prescribed to her for her depression scattered all around her room. The LAPD decided that her death was "caused by a self-administered overdoes of sedative drugs and that the mode of death is probable suicide."
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Perspective #1

There are many different theories on how the media thinks that Marilyn Monroe died. One of those theories is that Robert Kennedy and her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson killed her. Both Robert and Greenson, along with Robert's brother John Kennedy had affairs with Monroe. Also she also knew some different government secrets that could get the president and the attorney general in a lot of trouble. This theory was seemed even more reasonable once they found out that Robert had been at Marilyn's house the night before she was found dead. The two of them were having a secret love affair and that night they had gotten into an argument because he said he wouldn't marry her. Then she said that she would tell the public about the affair. that mad Kennedy mad, so he left and came back later that night to help kill her.
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Perspective #2

Another common theory is that she committed suicide. This was what the police decided was the cause of her death but others weren't sure of it. The crime scene was too planned out and too neat and perfectly placed for it to be a suicide. It was said that she overdosed on her prescribed medicine that she was given to help with her depression. She allegedly took dozens of the pills to become unconscious and after she was first found by her doctor, Dr. Greenson and her maid, Eunice Murray, they called the police four hours later, which is even more suspicious. Why would they not have just called as soon as they found her?
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Media Bias

I think it was the Kennedy's that killed her or had her killed. They had the most reason to. They were both having an affair with her within three months of each other and she also had knowledge of different government secrets that she could use against them. So why not kill her? I believe they did it because they knew she was going to tell the public with the affairs and it would have destroyed both of their careers so they had her killed.

Criticism #1

The first criticism is the historical criticism. There's so many different theories and questions regarding her death. Its still a topic in question today because no one really knows exactly how she died.

criticism #2

The second criticism would be cultural criticism. She was a major cultural icon not only in America, but also around the world for modeling, singing, and acting. She was a very important person in our country.

Marilyn Monroe - Scene at Marilyn's house after her death


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