Samurai and Bushido

The Heian Period

Back in 794, trouble has started in Nara and Heian-kyo. The Fujiwara Clan had taken over, even though the original power should've been in the hands of the emperor. families were taken under, no protection... something had to be done. So, this was the beginning of the samurai, meaning "those who serve". These warriors were given, in code, a reason to protect, called the Bushido.

Effect On Japan

The effect from the systems were great in difference to those who were in Japan. They were now very interested and used to living with farming in their land, for it brought in good money for the families and businesses. Towns started growing, too, making industries more efficient. Trade also flourished a bit, as well. They were shipping all kinds of things from paintings, swords, raw materials, and some other items for, in return, some silk, porcelain, books, and copper coins.
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"I'm Who Serves."

"I have now become a samurai. It's a dangerous, terrifying job I was given, but I'll do anything to protect my people during these times. I am now given all of these responsibilities that I wasn't used to having before. Now, I watch over the children, give the men some help, make sure the women are alright, all when I'm off duty of my actual job of being in the military. It scared me for a long while, knowing I was their protection, wondering whether I could protect enough, but I'm doing the best I can at the least."