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Week ending December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Dec. 14 - Dana Ashley

Dec. 21 - Linda Legg

Dec. 27 - Kameka Banks

Dec. 30 - Candy Reynolds

Dec. 31 - Rhonda Carroll


Carolyn Dweck, the leading reacher of growth mindset, recently spoke at Stanford University. US News posted an article that reviewed her speaking engagement.

Here's a link to the article, if you are interested.

And here are my take-aways.

  • She reminds those who implement growth mindset to not only praise effort, but to also praise strategy and results.
  • She also warns not to continue to praise effort when there is continuously no growth or progress because it will begin to make the praise received hollow and convey low expectations.
  • Dweck also brings to light the inconsistency some have when trying to use growth mindset. If a parent/teacher/etc continues to respond to setbacks or failures as if they are damaging and harmful to the student, then they are moving back toward a fixed mindset.

Good stuff.

Dates to Remember

Dec. 15

Christmas Concert, 9:30 AM

No PLCs - K & 1

Dec. 16

3rd Grade Field Trip

Dec. 17

PTA Cookie Exchange

No PLCs - 2-4

Dec. 18

Dollar Days: Tacky Sweater Day

DinoBeat, 3-4 Recognitions, 7:30 AM

Class Parties, 11:45 AM

Early Release, 12:30 PM

Alternative Schedule for Dec. 18

Below is the schedule for next Friday, Dec. 18. It's a DinoBeat, party, tacky sweater, early dismissal, crazy day. Weeeee!

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2016-2017 District Calendar

The district calendar has been released and can be viewed HERE. If you would like to give feedback or suggestions, fill out THIS survey. Dates fall a little differently this coming year, which has changed the return date for teachers along with a few other things. Even if you choose to not suggest any changes, I would take a good look at the calendar for vacation planning. ;)
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Sending some love to a Wylie ISD kiddo

Many of you are aware of Jeremiah's story. He is a student from Smith Elementary who was in an accident during Thanksgiving break. He has asked for Christmas cards--such a small request!

If you could fit it in your day, please have your students create a Christmas/holiday/get well card for Jeremiah. We will have a box in the office for all of them, and then we will deliver them to Jeremiah's house.

NOTE: Please review your cards before bringing them down for appropriateness!! We will not be able to sufficiently go through 600 cards. ;)

Lost & Found

Next week, we will have lost and found items on the stage. Please walk your students through the plethora of items. We will also be sending home a Skyward blast to let parents know they should stop by to check. (Herrera, can you do that on Monday?) I'll post it on Facebook, and we'll post it on our school website. (Stunkard? :) )