Lab safety!!

by: Ella Markham, for Mr. Boykin's 1st period

Lab safety is the most important thing about labs/ science class!!

Being safe in the lab is really important, because it is not the most fun thing to get chemicals in your eyes or burn your hair off!! Lets go over some of the most important safety rules.

5 SUPER important rules to keep YOU safe in the lab!

  • Fire- be sure to tie back your hair and not wear baggy clothes when doing a lab with fire involved, otherwise, you might accidentally catch on fire!!!

  • Chemicals- make sure to wear goggles when doing labs, and make sure they protect your face, because you would not want to get dangerous chemicals in your eyes!!

  • Make sure to roll up your sleeves, tie up your hair, take of any dangly jewelry, and wear closed-toed shoes when doing a lab in case of an accident!

  • Horseplay - don't mess around in the lab otherwise you might knock over a beaker, and have the lab spill!

  • Food- Do not bring food to the lab, because you might eat some poisonous chemicals!

Here are some images of things from the lab. Please keep safe!

Remember to stay safe, and have fun while you do your labs. SAFELY.