Student Product

Free. Online. No papers to take home.

Student Created Flyers is a great tool for schools to use. Students and educators can start a free account and create a flyer. The flyer can include photos, contact information, favorite colors, professional designs, and logos.

Shed Some Light on Your Topic has a professionally designed layout. Instead of the traditional trifold project board, you can create digital presentations using graphics and layout designs. Try it for yourself.

Photos and Captions

No More Poster Board Projects


1) Can I add a slide presentation? Play with the website to determine this response.

2) How do I get people to my web page? Give them the link or the embedded address.

3) Have you used Yes and have taught nearly 150 others to do so as well.

HCI Recommended Site for Presenters

Free online resource

Moves away from slide presentations on a flash drive to an online resource.