Irish word for United

About Aontaithe

Aontaithe is located 25 miles due west of Ireland. It originated when the FitzGerald dynasty found this huge peace of land and decided to make there own government based on the needs of his people. Aontaithe has a market economy. The people can buy and sell whatever they want excluding illegal materials. This country is a democratic government. The people's native language is Irish. The population is around 30,000 people. Aontaithe's claim to fame is the best sheep skin and wheat you will ever purchase. They export up to 1,000,000 pounds of both per year. The national animal of Aontaithe is the beautiful mountain goat. Some of our main trading partners Alabama and Kentucky. We trade our wheat for glass and cotton. Aontaithe is not a part of the U.N.
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  1. Stealing is not prohibit
  2. Everyone must be a citizen of Aontaithe to live in the country
  3. All citizens over the age of 65 do not have to pay taxes
  4. Gun ownership is mandatory
  5. Ages 1-16 are required to go to an educational institution
  6. Legal drinking age is 19
  7. No child under the age of 15 can work more than 5 hours a week
  8. Legal driving age is 16
  9. Citizens have freedom of religion and speech
  10. All health care items are free

Current Events

  • Massive earthquake took out many piping for water supply for the 10% of the country
  • Outbreak of crickets have eaten farmers wheat supply
  • Local civilians have come across an abundance of silver in the Aontaithe river
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