Lodi Teachers' Update

Information for the week of September 15-19


Hourly payroll is due to Joy on Monday, September 15 by 2:00 PM. Email is fine.

Tuesday Staff Meeting

Just a reminder that we will NOT be meeting as a whole group this Tuesday, September 16.

Gabri's Math Classes begin this week

Gabri's math classes start this week. The times are listed on schedule. Students need to choose a time. Once a time is chosen, please email Kathy and Gabri the student's name and time so that they can update the roster, and Gabri can keep track of attendance.

Copy Machine

The copy machine will be delivered this Tuesday, September 16. We plan on having it up and functional for the school day on Wednesday.


If you plan on meeting with a new student, send me an email a day or two ahead of time so that I can create an account rather than trying to create one that day.

Teacher Website

Please check out www.loditeachers.vistaoaks.net for all of your needs and questions.

Joy's Site Schedule

Monday - Offsite

Tuesday - Lodi

Wednesday - Lodi

Thursday - Byron

Friday - Offsite