War of 1812

Britain v. America

Summary of the War of 1812

The war was fount between Britain and America. They were fighting over trade issues, maritime rights, and territory expansion. The war started in June 18 ,1812. It lasted till February 18, 1815. They were fighting in the central and Eastern part of America. America was fighting because they wanted to get Canada and make it part of the states.

The Causes and Effects


  • British impressment of U.S. Sailors
  • British interference in U.S. Commerce (trade)
  • British support to Natives on the Western frontier


  • Strong feeling of U.S. Nationalism and respect having survived 2 wars w/England
  • Promoted U.S. Industry
  • War heroes like Andrew Jackson emerged
  • The Hartford Convention leads to the demise of the Federalist Party
  • Native Americans lose land and a friendly relationship is accepted with Canada
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Specific events that happened during the war

  • Riots break out in Baltimore protesting the war
  • British burn Washington DC, in retaliation for burning York in Canada
  • Andrew Jackson defeats the British at the Battle of New Orleans