Business and Law

Dylan Ricker


Defenition: private or civil wrong for which the law grants a redemy.

5 real examples of a tort:

1. Trespass: people who own land can exclude others from entering the land.

2. Nuisance: consists in unlawfully doing an act or omitting to perform a duty.

3. Negligence: acts leading to injury are neither expected or intended.

4. Intentional: someone who intends to hurt someone else.

5. Mc. Donald's coffee injury.


Ethics means to decide what is right and what is wrong. Morals is someones beliefes on what is right and wrong. They play a role in business law because when people deal with large amounts of money ethics and morals seem to not matter anymore.


In the movie Social Media, Mark Zuckerberg steals an idea from other students in campus and betrays his own best friend for his own benefits.

In the documentary Enron, they show how the company was full of corruption and greed was the cause of Enron's collapse.

Soda in School. We had to decide wether it was right to have junk food in school or just worry about how much money it makes.

Court systems

The court system is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the sate. It also provides a structure to solve disputes. Its function is simple but effective. Litigants present their own cases to neutral party. Each litigant gets to express their own side of the case, usually lawyers do this for them. Then the judge and jury will decide the truth to the argument.

Court System Examples

Mc. Donald's coffee injury was a case we studied that the accuser won the case. Mc. Donalds was serving coffee at a temperature that wasn't safe for their customers and in their cup they didn't tell the customers it was hot.

Another example we studied was Enron Company. The company was full of corruption and after many cases the company collapsed.


A contract is written or spoken agreement, especially concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is tended to be enforced by law. We use contracts so people can't break agreements without a consequence.


Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants a creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution. We use copyrights so ideas of creators of original work aren't copied by someone else. Copyright lasts during the creators lifetime and 70 years after his death.

Example: Mark Zuckerberg took an idea from two other student but they didn't have a copyright in their idea of the website.


Patents are a right that the government gives you that protects your product from other people selling it, making it, and copying the idea. We use it so there people can't make the same product you created.

Criminal Rights

Criminals have both state and federal constitutional rights. They also have statutory rights in both systems. They have rights like having an attorney, pleading not guilty, etc...

Example: In the documentary Enron, everyone who was involved with a case had criminal rights.