Into the Wild

Journal 1; chapters 1-3

Kyndahl Nielsen

Avicii - Wake Me Up [LYRICS HD]

wake me up avicii lyrics

"From things he said, you could tell something was not right between him and his family,but I do not like to pry into other peoples business, so I never asked about it."(Krakauer 18).

This song reminds me of when Westerberg is talking about Chris's relationship with his family. Chris could not handle living with society and has the desire to leave. He wanted to look at live a differnt way by starting elsewhere by himself. When the song says " I can't tell where the journey will end, but i know where to start" this relates to how determined that Chris was about wanting to go to Alaska. Also " wake me up when its all over, when i'm wiser and i'm older" This is when Chris wrote the help letter; that was him admitting that he messed up.

Alaska's Poisonous Plants!

"Gallien thought the hitchhiker's scheme was foolhardy and tried repeatedly to

dissuade him: "I said the hunting wasn't easy where he was going, that he could go for

days without killing any game."(Krakauer 5).

Chris McCandless would need to know the plants that are native to Alaska because like Gallien said, Chris might have a hard time trying to kill game. Chris would need to know the plants and berries in the area to sustain off those for awhile.

Article- first aid and travel saftey

“He was the hardest worker I've ever seen. Didn't matter what it was, he'd do it: hard physical labor, mucking rotten grain and dead rats out of the bottom of the hole—jobs where you'd get so damn dirty you couldn't even tell what you looked like at the end of the day. And he never quit in the middle of something. If he started a job, he'd finish it. It was almost like a moral thing for him. He was what you'd call extremely ethical. He set pretty high standards for himself."(Krakauer 18).

Even though Chris seems egotistical, I still feel he has the want to read about First Aid and Travel Safety so that he would be 100% sure that the preparation or "job" is all done.

Carine McCandless (quote outside of book)

"To me, life is like a book.

We all have the same first and last chapters.

Filling the papers in between determines the value of our experience..."

Chris would have liked this quote not only because it is his sister, but he had courage and wanted a meaningful life. Chris really cared about things in his life, he wanted to make an impact on everyone's lives around him.

"The Fear of Water Comic Strip"

As the truck lurched over a bridge across the Nenana River, Alex looked down at the swift current and remarked that he was afraid of the water. "A year ago downin Mexico," he told Gallien, "I was out on the ocean in a canoe, and I almost drownedwhen a storm came up."(Krakauer 5).

The comic strip relates to the quote because Chris tell Gallien that he is afraid of water because he almost drowned. Chris would be the person in the comic because he also had a traumatizing experience.

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