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We do Success Centers all over Oregon! Watch this video of us in Prineville!

Prineville Success Center

Important State Testing Information!

State testing is happening now! If you are in grade 6, 7, 8 or 11 and you have not reserved your spot for testing please contact Mrs. DeWolfe right away. We want to be sure to save a spot for you :-) It generally takes two days to complete all of the required tests. When you come be sure to bring your laptop and a lunch. We take a lunch break during the day so we can chat, relax and stretch a bit. If you have any questions you can contact Mrs. DeWolfe by kmail, email ( or phone 541-823-5010 ext. 1108.

A message from your Principal

We are three quarters of the way through the year, even more for Seniors. For those of you earning passing grades, great work! I challenge you to bring them up a full grade level. You know you can do it, we are here to help. For those of you who are struggling, for whatever reason, reach out to our staff and let us know how we can help. That is what we are here for. Now some advice... If the way you have been doing things is not working so well, think about a new approach. Think about what would work best for you, and move in that direction. Finish strong! Make yourselves proud!

-Mr Sinnott.

Engage with your Engagement Administrator!

Ms. Sinnott is a great person to reach out to about the happenings with school! Add her on facebook to stay up to date on the latest school events!! Links ^^^ to reach her :)

"Hey everyone, please add our school pages on social media! We have a facebook, instagram, tumblr, & twitter! So hip, right?! You did AMAZING on the Unicorn 2.0 challenge! I am so proud of the efforts you made over the break! More details on the onesie dance party extravaganza to come soon! We do raffles and prizes all the time!! Social media with us today! ~Ms.Sinnott"

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Attendance Reminder

Remember students, for attendance you must do at least one of the following EVERY DAY:

  • Call your teacher
  • Msg one of your teachers (texting, FB, email, kmail)
  • Attend live Class Connect Sessions (if you cannot make one, you need to ask to be excused in advance!)

Attendance is important! You need to make contact with your teachers every day Monday-Friday! Not only do we want to talk to you everyday, we are making sure to follow Oregon Attendance Laws too! So, talk to your teachers! :)

Online School PSA

Graduating Seniors! Don't Forget!!

The last day for seniors to turn in work is May 25th!!

Graduation is June 11th at the University of Portland. Details from Jostens and specifics to come soon!

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