Wildcats Weekly

Week of 12/14

Holiday Party

We will be celebrating the holidays as a team with a Festivus Party on 12/18! This is an early release day. Students will be inventing their own holiday through a creative writing assignment. This assignment will incorporate skills that were required this semester in all core classes. Students are encouraged to dress in accordance to the holiday they have created and bring snacks to share with their 7th period! If you would like to donate a snack, please have your child bring it to their 7th period teacher during homeroom before class has started any day during the week of 12/14.

We will also be collecting small, new gifts to donate to the Durham Rescue Mission. These will be given to local kids whose families are unable to afford Christmas gifts this year. We will have ornaments from the Durham Rescue Mission charity tree hanging in Ms. Eddy's classroom. Each ornament will have a request for a gift that students can take home. If you would like to donate a gift, please bring it to your homeroom teacher during the week of 12/14. If you wrap it ahead of time, please include a sticky note telling what is inside. If you have any old wrapping paper, please send that in as well.

We greatly appreciate your donations!


7 - Next week we will finish up our inequalities unit and test on Tuesday. Then we will begin studying ratios and proportions.

7+ - Next week we will start Unit 5. It will be divided into two parts: Ratios/Proportions & Slope. This unit will be challenging as it covers 8th grade standards that will prepare students for taking Math 1 as 8th graders. It is very important that students keep up with their homework and attend working lunch when they need extra support, especially with the break and potential for winter weather coming up. If your child needs to be absent, it is crucial that they come to enough working lunch sessions to get caught up.


In Language Arts, students are working on a passage of the week. They should be spending approximately 5-10 minutes each night working on these passages, in addition to the time spent on it in class. Many students are rushing to complete these the day before they are due. These passages are an important tool for building reading comprehension and reading stamina. They are also the best way to prepare for Language Arts assessments. Students will be presenting their argumentative projects on Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be a vocabulary quiz on December 17th.


We have begun the shelter project! Students (and myself) are very excited about researching their storm and materials for their shelter. We will be researching for multiple days to answer the essential questions for their projects. A rough draft will be created some time during the middle of next week, and they will begin the sketchup application after that.

Social Studies

We will be finishing our unit on Industrialism, Imperialism, and Nationalism. We have a test on Wednesday. Students can start studying now by studying their vocabulary, notes, and essential questions. We will start World War One on Thursday.