Sea Ice

Research Guide

Where are the oceans

Arctic and the Atlantic oceans

Ocean water chemistry

Average temperature: -76 f

Average density: about 1.028

Average pressure: about 1023

Average salinity: 31.5


The water in the arctic is salty and therefore quite dense due to this, currents don't flow readily, they are large clockwise rotational patterns

Ex- beaufort gyre and the barent gyre

The ocean and climate/ weather

El Nino and La Nina cause contrasts in temperature and air pressure also causes Arctic air to be colder and Atlantic to be warmer.

Characteristics of an ecosystem

Abiotic factors- sunlight and wind

Biotic factors- Polar bear, moose, penguins, whales

Sample food web- killer whale- whale- sea bird- seal- squid- fish- plankton

Invasive species- killer whale

Human impact on oceans

Resources- oil and gases

Human impact- They can make global warming worse and it will affect the Arctic.

What can be done?

NO littering (garbage and oils)

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