The Automobile and New Highways

During World War II, the government started to conserve gasoline to prevent inflation in the economy. When the war ended in 1945, gasoline ended up being inexpensive and abundant, so more people started to buy automobiles, and because there were more people on the road, more roads need to be built all across the United States. New car sales rose by 1.2 million from 1950-1955. This allowed people to commute to work from farther away, and made suburban lifestyle easier.

News Vaccines to Prevent Diseases

In the 1950s, doctors made advances in medicines that saved hundreds of thousands of people's lives all across the United States from diseases that would kill people in the past. Because of the baby boom after WWII, there were more children that needed to be protected, so the vaccines needed to be more advanced. It helped people to live longer and it improved their quality of life because they didn't have to worry about getting deathly sick.