Will Schumacher Hour#2 Mrs. Bauer 01/14/16

Why should you come to Minnesota?

You should come to Minnesota because it is a place you can succeed and there is land for you! It is a very nice place to have a home! You can grow crops in the good soil.

Why is Minnesota a great place?

You should come to Minnesota because the rich respect the poor. Minnesota has great land and the water here is of best kind. You could probably find many mineral treasures in Minnesota! There are over 20 million acres of land to share with others. If you come to Minnesota there will be a great abundance of water and rivers, which is useful for trading.

There are only 150,000 people here in 1857! You can transport by steamboart or many other ways, like walking or using oxen carts. Also, your kids can have great education by Harriot Bishop in St. Paul!

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