Google Docs

Gmail, spreadsheets, sites


Its good to use for if you want to send things to many people or just one person.

Spread sheets

Spread sheets are a formatting tool that you can format, enter, and manipulate data. It is made up of many cells. Cells are the cross section of the rows and columns. A row is horizontal lines of information usually labeled by letters. Columns are vertical lines of information usually labeled by numbers. In spreed sheets you can add up the cells you want by entering in =sum( or make averages my entering =average(. You can even make charts that you can insert.


On google docs you can also make sites. When you are making a site you can do many things like add pictures, graphs, and text. And you can change the back round color. When you want to edit your page you go up to the icon that looks like a pencil and click it then you can add text or what ever else you want to. If you want to add a page then you go to the icon that looks like a page with a plus sign on it then just put a title for the page and press create.

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