December 15 @Lumberton Campus - Jermaine Kamau, Principal

Editor: Miss Debbie O'Brien


5 Things you should Know

  1. Our 1st MP Awards Ceremony is Tuesday, 12/16 (Mitchell)
  2. The Holiday and Craft Show are on Thursday, 12/18 at Westampton
  3. Biggest Loser concludes this week
  4. Friday, 12/19 we will have a Holiday Party after dismissal
  5. Your presence, hard work and dedication are appreciated, thank you!


Holiday Puzzles and Brain Teasers!


"The only difference between a madman and myself is that I am not mad." -Artist Salvadore Dali


Dear Staff,

We are organizing a holiday food collection for students on our Lumberton Campus.

Between now and December 19th we are requesting donations is the form of money (cash or check), canned goods, dry goods, and any other non-perishable foods.

Update: We have hit our goal with turkeys (thank you everyone!) now we can focus in the fixings. We have plenty of stuffing and green beans....

Needed cranberry sauce, corn, corn bread mix breakfast items.

Monetary donations will be used to purchase turkeys and additional food products.

Please bring your donations to Ms. Scott’s Office.

Please encourage your students to participate in bringing in donations, this will help to foster a spirit of giving and community in our campus.

Thank you for your support.

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As in past years, the Lumberton Culinary Arts Shop will be preparing holiday cookie trays.

Trays will consist of assorted cookies including chocolate chip, inside out chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal cranberry, pumpkin, butter, raspberry butter, crescents, Italian wedding, pizzelles, raspberry bars, sugar, shortbread, cut-outs.

All orders must be placed no later than December 17th. Please complete the form and turn it in to Cindy along with payment.

No special orders or late orders will be accepted.

Trays will be ready for pick up from December 22nd or 23rd.

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Around Campus this Week...

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VisionQuest students of the week!

Savannah Ryan

Eddie Peak


My "Exciting Educational Moments" board allows me to identify students who have accomplished any of the following:

*Students who have gone above and beyond in their work.

*Students who, until now, have been doing minimal or no work.

*Students who take a lesson or topic, and ask a thought provoking question.

*Students who think outside the box.

*Students who independently help a peer with a lesson.

Exciting Educational Moments is also a:

*Behavior Mod Board

*Reward for positive educational moments that occur throughout my classes.



*Visual way to recognize students for doing something in a particular class that makes me "excited educationally".

This is a way for students to recognize and understand their positive accomplisments. We share the names on the board with Capital Staff and Supervisors, and use these students as examples of positive behavior and actions in class. Check back soon for the names of students who have earned this honor!


For your information the following students are on the SLE program.

Doug Lewis- Working M, W,TH and F … In school – Tuesdays

Allyson Keil – Working Wednesdays……In school- M, T, Th, and F

Kanya Richman- Jones- Working M, W, and F………… In school- T and TH

Maleek Moody – Working T and Th ………….. In school – M,W and F

Nacir Harrison- Two day a week flex schedule

If you have any questions please ask, I will be sending updates weekly.

*CONGRATULATIONS TO Byon Clayborne for his excellent work at ShopRite according to his Manager Andy Powell! Keep up the great work Byron!

Cosmetology Shop Open for Services!

Hello and welcome students and staff to the Cosmetology shop. This year we are open for services on Wednesdays and invite you all to come check us out during periods 1-4. We are able to provide you with a variety of services such as manicures, hand paraffin wax treatments with hand massage, facial mud masks, facial hair waxing, shape ups/hair cuts and false nail services. There will be a small charge for each service ( prices are listed on forms, forms are in office) and students will only be permitted in during their shop time and only with a signed permission slip.

Principal Jermaine Kamau

The narrative on education both public and private is changing as we speak. We can no longer solely use traditional and conservative techniques to produce the next generation of thinkers. We've got to advance our practice and raiser our standards. What we do for our students matters and what we need to be doing is giving them the best. The best schools, the best teachers, the best resources and the best of ourselves. That's why I got into this business. I like to cultivate success and watch it grow.

Principal Kamau Presents: The LAB - When Teaching Circumstances are Uncommon

Teachers, we know that keeping students engaged requires experimentation. In a world where information arrives rapidly and with not much depth we are charged with the task of competing with social media, on demand tv programming and limited resources. I challenge you to EXPERIMENT daily to find what pulls students in and keeps them engaged. To that end I offer the following ideas...

Knighton's Notes

*If students arrive at your classroom with a backpack, please escort them so that they may put it in their their locker.

*If a student takes out their cell phone, please call support staff to have it confiscated.

*If you are signing incident reports, please remember to do so in blue ink.

* Have a wonderful day on-purpose!