The difference in rich lives and poor lives.

Work Life

Poor families were happy because there were more job opportunities in these bigger cities. Also, people didn't have to live so close to where they work. Many different housing complexes and rural neighborhoods were built for the poorer people. They built bridges in case families lived farther away from their work places. Although, some children had to go to work in factories and mines. Richer people worked as office managers and factory owners and such. They were able to afford nicer homes.
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Poorer people couldn't afford mansions or nice homes. As a result of this, rural neighborhoods and housing complexes were built. These provided well enough protection for reasonable pay. Richer people, however, had it easier. They could basically live wherever they wanted. Nicer neighborhoods and mansions were built. They had huge homes.
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Leisure Activities

Long working hours made people value their free time. Their were circuses and museums for those who could afford to go, or who actually had the time to go. Other people most likely just sat at home with their families and relaxed.

Lives of Children

Poorer families had to send their children to work in places like factories and mines in order to pay bills. They also had to work in terrible conditions for children for little to no pay. Basically, they were a lot like slaves. Richer children, however, weren't made go to work. Their parents could provide more than enough so that the could wouldn't have to work until they're grown.
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