Dangerous Places to Live

Jordan B, Devin M, Samantha M, and Brandon T

Dangerous Places

This article has taken some of the most active places in the world and given evidence and support as to why these are some of the most highly active places. These articles talk about why people live in that area and other general facts about the area. Recent activity in that area and what causes it in the location. The damage and casualties caused by activity in that area. These places of interests are Chile, Mount St Helens in Washington, Krakatoa in Indonesia, and Mount Pelee in the French Caribbean islands

Mount St. Helens

Mount Saint Helens is one of the most active volcanoes in the US. It is just less than 100 miles south of Seattle, WA and 50 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon both heavily populated cities. Over 11,000 people still live near Mount Saint Helens because of its fertile land. The people have recuperated from its massive eruption on May 18 1980. They are still very aware that one of the most active volcanoes is at their doorstep, but they are always prepared to evacuate in case of another massive eruption from the volcano.

Recent Activity
Mount Saint Helens has had so big activity in the last century the most remembered was it giant eruption. Mount Saint Helens is considered young compared to its other “relatives” in the Cascade mountain range. Mount Saint Helens sits on the St. Helens fault zone (SHZ) which is why it is so active. Mount Saint Helens showed activity in the early 1990’s only 10 years later after its famous eruption in 1980. It has shown some more recent activity when it started “acting up” again in 2004 to mid-2008.

Dangerous History
Its biggest eruption was in 1980 that is the most destructive eruption in US history. 57 people were killed, 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles worth of railway, and 185 miles of highway were destroyed by this eruption. The blast triggered a debris avalanche which then triggered a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Both of these things reduced the mountains summit by almost 10,000 ft. The debris avalanche was almost 1 cubic mile in volume. The volcano shot ash into 11 different states. After the volcano erupted there was about a 2 month period of frequent earthquakes that took place in Washington State. The gas, magma, and other debris melted some of the glaciers that were sitting on Mount Saint Helens causing a lahar (volcanic mudslide).

Krakatoa, Indonesia

Krakatoa, Indonesia
This volcano is located in Indonesia. Between Java and Sumatra. The latitude and longitude are 6.102 degrees S, and 105.423 degrees E. Indonesia is a good place to live, the island java is one of the most crowded, because that’s where most people live. The reason for that is, it’s safer has more jobs, and you can get them easier. Something great that people can do is, ride a boat out from the carita beach, and actually go see this volcano. They also have people who show you around. Could you imagine riding a boat through the ocean and touring a volcano?

Tectonic happening
It is located on the sunda strait, which is where the Australian plate and the Eurasian plate meet. It is where both meet and collide with each other causing one to go underneath the other. As one is going underneath the other it is causing a volcano to form. The reason a volcano forms is because one plate is rubbing all the other things off the other plate which is why the volcanos get so big. Then after that it builds up lava from the ground or a hotspot if it’s one one.

This volcano has erupted a few times, some it just spews lava when it’s been awhile since it has erupted it just let’s everything out. It last eruption was in 2011 and it killed 36,000 people, and ruined building, roads, bridges, cars, anything you could think of. It is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes. When this erupted it sent ash 50 miles away from it, and the lava traveled several miles to.

Valdivia, Chile

Located on the eastern coast of South America, Valdivia, Chile has many sights to see and things to do. There is a little fish market where you can feed pelicans and sea lions with snacks and treats you can buy from fishmongers. There are tour operators conducting boat tours to many 17th century fort ruins where they allow you to get out and look around. And you can buy many types of Marzipan and German desserts at Chocolateria Entrelagos. According to Wikipedia, Valdivia, Chile has been the capital of Los Ríos Region since October 2007, and is also the capital of the Valdivia Province.

Tectonic Boundaries
Chile lies right next to a plate boundary. According to Wikipedia, it lies on the plate boundaries of the Nazca plate and the South American plate, which are convergent boundaries. That means that they hit each other head on and one of the plates gets shoved underneath the other one. It has experienced many earthquakes and tremors. This makes it a very active place. It is quite a dangerous place to live

There have been many earthquakes in Valdivia. It is also the record holder of the largest recorded earthquake in history. Though Valdivia wasn’t the actual epicenter of the earthquake, it was the most affected town. It has had its share of earthquakes though including one with a magnitude of 8.5 and killed 1,221 people.

Mount Pelee

Mount Pele’e first erupted in 1902 then finally last erupted in 1932. When Mount Pelee erupted it covered the town in 1,000 degree ash. Mount pelee is now a tourist destination people can hike up mount pelee there is the mount pelee observatory and the regional volcano center. the 1902 explosion on the capital caused so much damage that St. pierre is not the capital anymore.

Tectonic Plates
Martinique is on the caribbean plate the caribbean plate is a subduction zone. that means the plate is going under another plate and melting in the mantle to form magma to make the volcano erupt and make it bigger. Then it gets big enough to explode and destroy or obliterate towns or cities. this volcano is DANGEROUS STAY AWAY. It is a subduction zone.

Why is Mount Pelee is the Most Dangerous Place in the World
Mount Pelee is dangerous because it had obliterated st. pierre in ash so its not the capital any more. It trapped the citizens in the ash it dropped on the city. When it exploded in 1902 the ash preserved the people it landed on in the capital. St. Pierre is so damaged that it can’t be the capital of Martinique.
In conclusion to this article these are some of the most active places in the world and people still live there for different reasons. There hasn’t been any recent activity in this area, for example, Mount Pelee has been dormant for centuries now. This article states some important facts about these areas that help inform the rest of the world and about why some of these disasters happened.