Children's Ministry Newsletter

October 20, 2018


This is our very first Children's Ministry Newsletter!! Our goal is to send out a weekly newsletter to keep you informed about what our children are learning and doing each week. We also hope to provide a few follow up thoughts/questions to our lessons so that you can discuss and keep your child thinking about what they learned throughout the week.

Last winter it was clear that our curriculum was not working for our group of children. We had tried a few different ones in the two years prior to this point, and had to adapt each one quite a bit in order to fit our group. In the Spring we (Debi & Neisha) attended a few classes at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures regarding Children's Ministry. This not only confirmed our feelings about the curriculum we were using, but it also gave us a lot of resources to get us on this new path. It took some time to get it all lined up and moving but we started using our own curriculum (which is compiled of a few different resources) to tell the story of the Bible from start to finish. We feel that the history of the Bible and these stories are a so important as our children grow and mature into having a faith of their own.

Sunday Mornings

During Class We Do...


At the beginning of each class we review what we learned from our previous lesson. We then will periodically play a larger review game on lessons that have been covered in the past 4 weeks. The kids have loved these games. Since we started this we have already seen an improvement in their recollection of the stories and information taught each week. This has also helped us as their teachers in knowing if the children are retaining the stories from week to week, which they are!

Weekly Lesson

Each week the children learn a new Bible story. We are in Genesis currently and have learned the following stories; Creation, Adam & Eve, Cain & Able, Noah & the Ark, Abraham & Sarah and last week we just covered the story of Isaac & Rebecca. We try to give the children variety in how the story is told. So far one of the favorites has been telling the story through a skit, which involves the children (and adults on occasion) acting their parts.

Books of the Bible

We have also challenged the group to learn the books of the Bible along with the breakdown of the books. We just finished learning what the first five books of the Old Testament are and that they are the books of Law. We have started to build on those with adding the next five books in the Old Testament. This next section has more books and are the books of History. Our ultimate goal is for the kids to know and be able to recite all 66 books of the bible (39 in the Old Testament & 27 in the New Testament).

Prayer Meeting

Sunday October 21st from 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Family Movie Night

Sunday October 28th @ 5:00 PM

Bring snacks and water for your family to enjoy during the movie.

*Movie not yet selected

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