Lets Celebrate Freedom Together!

We are happy to invite YOU to our event celebrating liberty!

Let's Have Fun

After a long battle we have finally gained independence. It took lots of determination and courage to continue the uphill trek that was this battle. We believe such nobility deserves heaps of admiration. So why not treat yourself to a true party and surround yourself with people who love India just as much as you do. COME PARTY WITH US!

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Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 6:30pm to Sunday, Aug. 17th 1947 at 8:45pm

1101, Gandhi Road, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Since the party begins on a Friday we thought it was only logical to make it a sleepover! Don't worry about residency either, for everyone who RSVP before August 15, 1947 will have their own personal hotel room (please contact us if you'd like to request a conjoined family room). After the initial party is held on Friday there will be a series of events following it on Saturday at 7:00 pm we will have a sit-down discussion with Gandhi himself! Questions will be taken and answered.
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Per Gandhi's request we have decided to withhold the peaceful relationship we have with the British even if it is one-sided.With that being said we'd like to send them off with some peace offerings. So, if you have anything to represent peace and tranquility please bring them along , Some good gifts we will be giving include paintings, poems, and letters. If you have learned anything from this battle it is that peace always wins no matter what. So we ask that you bring some type of peaceful item to give to the British. (this is not required just highly encouraged)

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Please send a letter to the Indian National Congress headquarters with your name and plus one count within two days we will send you your confirmation letter and we will see you there!