Festivals in Salamanca

Feria de Salamanca

When: September 8 - 21

Where: The Feria de Salamanca (Salamanca Fair) festivities go from the Roman bridge on the southern edge up to the northern Plaza de Toros (bullring) and everywhere in between.

Info: Feria de Salamanca is a religious-themed day of the Virgen de la Vega (Our Lady of the Valley), one of the city's beloved patron saints where her image is located near an old cathedral where she is replicated as a bronze statue. The locals celebrate in a march like fashion, distributing food, drinks and music.

Semana Santa

When: March / April

Where: You can catch the processions pretty much anywhere in Salamanca, but mostly a Plaza Mayor and Salamanca University quarters.

Info: Semana Santa (Holy Week) is one of the most celebrated festivals in Spain. Holy Thursday with "Los Oficios," a celebration that mixes with academics. "Descendimiento de Cristo" (Descent of Christ), is held on Good Friday, all of the city's convents and churches remain open. "Lunes de Aguas" (Water Monday), friends and family meet at the river's shores to have a big picnic.