Banksmeadow Public School Preschool

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  • Disco News
  • Gymnastics Program
  • Assistant Principal's Message
  • Classroom News
  • Foods as Rewards

Dates for the Calendar

  • Students will participate in an Easter Hat Parade on their last day of this term. Please ask your educator about times.
  • Wednesday April 1st - Last Day of term for Cockatoos and Pelicans
  • Wednesday April 1st - Preschool disco
  • Thursday 2nd April - Last Day of Preschool for Kookaburras in Term 1.

The children attend a half day and must be collected by midday.

  • Preschool resumes Tuesday April 21st for Cockatoos and Pelicans

Disco News

Disco is on this Wednesday from 3 - 4pm. Parents and siblings are invited to join the children on the dance floor from 3.50pm.
$5 payment needs to be handed to staff in an envelope with child's name on it by Monday afternoon.

Gymnastics Term 2

The children who attend the Preschool on Fridays next term will participate in a gymnastics program. The program will take place at the school hall each week. The program is run by fully qualified instructors and they bring all the equipment with them. A permission note with information about costs will go home this week. The permission note needs to be returned to your teacher by the first Friday back next term. Payment will be due by Week 2.

Assistant Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It is hard to believe that our first term is almost over. The year is certainly flying by! The children are now settled into their new routines and working very well at their different projects. We also have a few new families who have joined us in the last few weeks, so a big welcome to these children and their parents.

My apologies for the format issues with the first newsletter of the year. We are trialling a new digital format this year to be more environmentally friendly. I know many people could not open the link. I really hope this newsletter arrives on your computer or device with a lot less issues!

I'd like to thank Kristine, Nell and Sarah who have volunteered to be part of the Preschool parent committee. These ladies will be a voice for the parents when changes or decisions are made. If anyone else is interested on being part of the committee, please contact me via email at roxanne.bragg@det.nsw.edu.au.

You can also contact me at the same email address at any time if you need to discuss any issues about the Preschool.

Don’t forget that we’d love to have your input in the children's learning, so please don’t be shy in sharing your knowledge and skills. Let your teacher know if you would like to come in one day.

One of our goals for this year is to encourage more community groups to come to the Preschool. The idea behind this is to develop a sense of belonging beyond what the children already know. Most of the children understand that they belong to a family and now a Preschool but it is important they realise that they also belong to a much wider circle within their local community. If anyone has any contacts with any local community groups, businesses or workers who would be interested in coming along to the Preschool to talk about what they do, we would really appreciate it.

A big thank you to our staff and families who helped out or supported the Election bar-b-que on Saturday. Your support is most appreciated.

Preschool applications for 2016 will open after the Easter holidays. Please let family and friends know when to collect their applications from the school office. Children are eligible if they turn 4 by the 31st July 2016.

On behalf of the staff I would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Easter and look forward to seeing you all back at the Preschool in Term 2.


Roxanne Bragg

Assistant Principal

Kookaburra's Classroom

Over the past few weeks the Kookaburras have been so busy interacting with each other and having lots of fun learning at Preschool. We have been watching seeds grow, and looking at how the spiny leaf insects live as well as looking at the cocoon of another insect. We have all been very busy making sure that the insects and the growth of the seeds have been well looked after.

The children have been very interested in nature and have enjoyed using magnifying glasses to inspect the creatures in a closer way.

It has been so lovely getting to know the children and see them develop through their learning.

We welcome Mrs Royston back on Thursday.

Sally Meshel (replacing Elizabeth Royston), Mona and Monica.

Cockatoo's Classroom

The beach has come to Banksmeadow! The children have been sharing their beach experiences and we have followed up their interest in the sun and the sand during the term. They have observed, compared, sorted, counted and weighed shells. They have experimented with mixing sand with water and cornflour to make mouldable sand. This was a wonderful sensory experience that provided opportunities for predicting, investigating and using lots of descriptive language. The children have also been writing their names and copying and creating patterns in trays of sand. A beach ball has been used to practise throwing and catching as well as turn taking and sharing. Games of tunnel ball have also been enjoyed with great team work being displayed. Knowledge of sun safety and water safety has been consolidated through discussions and role plays. Water play is always popular. Sea creatures have been explored in our indoor Aquarium and evaporation has been discovered and investigated during outdoor water play. The dolls have been taken to swimming lessons and on picnics at the beach. Lots of fun was had on our Beach Day with the children threading their own leis to wear, cooking and decorating beach themed cupcakes, building sandcastles together and having fun getting WET!

We wish you a safe and happy holiday and look forward to lots of new adventures next term.

Kathy and Mona

Pelican's Classroom

The end of Term 1 has arrived so quickly! The saying is definitely true – time flies when you’re having fun! The Pelicans have had a wonderful first term of Preschool.

This term the children had a great time exploring and learning about hospitals and the human skeleton. The Pelicans enthusiastically engaged with our hospital project on a daily basis, with many of them spending most of their indoor playtime in the hospital corner. The children used x-rays to extend their understanding of the human skeleton, practised their writing skills in the hospital reception area and formed new friendships while treating patients. The Pelicans enjoyed learning ‘The Skeleton Dance’ song and a visit from Dr Emily, Ella’s mum.

The Pelicans have enjoyed both indoor and outdoor experiences, especially games of football, using recyclable materials to create different forms of transport, perfecting the game of dominoes, going on shape hunts and wonderful art experiences with Mrs Nicol. They also love singing and dancing, especially The Hokey Pokey.

Mrs Nicol and I have had a wonderful term getting to know your children. We would like to thank all of our families for your support (and cardboard for box construction!) this term. A special thank you to Michelle Byrne and family for your generous donation for the Preschool election day BBQ.

Have a lovely holiday.

Elisha Brown & Lisa Nicol

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Food and Rewards

What do we teach children when we bribe or reward children with foods? How may this affect them when they are adults? Try not to use foods or drinks as rewards. Children who eat for rewards may learn to overeat. When your child shows good behaviour, tell them so and give praise. The best reward is spending time with them doing something they enjoy. Read them a story, play a game or do some art or craft activities with them.

A way to have active children is to be an active family. Some ideas to consider include:

· Play hide and seek with your children indoors and outdoors.

· Make obstacle courses in the house or garden.

· Plant a vegetable garden, flowers and platter boxes.

· Put on some music and have your own dance party.

· Throw stuffed toys into the laundry basket.

· Play jump rope or hopscotch.

· Go for walks, bike rides, or a swim together as a family.